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CMO Talks is a bi-monthly podcast that is focused on conversations with marketing leaders from around the world. 

CMOs share their journey in their marketing priorities and lessons learned. Find out how they’re leveraging best practices to improve performance and scaling their efforts with tight budgets and data overload with some of the newest marketing technology (Martech) solutions. 

CMO Talks newsletter promises to help subscribers keep up-to-date with the latest trends from marketing leaders paving the way. In addition, the newsletter provides practical information on setting strategy, improving ROI and covering the latest in Martech. 

Hosted by ITWC’s CMO Fawn Annan, the show is a fast-paced, forward-looking 30- minute conversation. The podcast challenges top marketing leaders to share their experience and perspectives on daily issues ranging from budgets, ROI, innovation and strategy. Listen bi weekly for information on bleeding edge marketing trends like AI-powered analytics to m commerce strategies. 

Want to appear in an episode of CMO TALKS?
 CMO Talks is open to discussing any issues impacting the MarTech landscape. If you have an interesting opinion and would like to be interviewed by Fawn, send a note to [email protected]

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Gaining a Competitive Edge in a Cookieless World – CMO Talks with Ingrid Burton

There are revolutionary changes occurring in the area of consumer-targeted advertising, and innovative ways to prioritize first-party data. For Ingrid Burton, Chief Marketing Officer...

Canadian fintech firm FundThrough acquires invoice factoring business of U.S. financial services provider BlueVine

Canadian financial technology platform firm FundThrough has acquired the invoice factoring business of U.S.-based financial technology company BlueVine. 

Managing the Marketing Budget – CMO Talks with Scott Todaro

Marketers are inundated with software that can streamline everything from sending an email to tracking leads, yet there’s a dearth of support when it...

The Recipe for Success: Tips from KFC Canada’s CMO and CTO

As senior executives with KFC Canada, CMO Katherine Bond-Debicki and CTO Nastaran Bisheban have a front row seat to the magic that happens when...

MarTech trends: 12 insights from marketing and technology leaders on the 2021 season of the CMO Talks podcast

In 2021, I spoke to 23 marketing leaders, practitioners and analysts on the CMO Talks podcast. The podcast focuses on how marketing professionals can...

Doubling down on the middle market – CMO Talks with Clare Dorrian

The volatility of COVID-19 caught organizations off guard, yet many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) did more than survive. By accelerating digitization, they managed...

Tools of Engagement – CMO Talks with Celia Fleischaker

Customer engagement took a hit in the early days of Covid-19, as changing attitudes and behaviours combined with unprecedented shifts in the volume of...

Tech Trends For Small Businesses in Canada

To help small businesses predict the smartest ways to invest in technology in Canada in 2022, GetApp surveyed 150 Canadian business leaders about what...

Visa Canada and Moneris launch new feature for B2B payments

Visa Canada and Canadian fintech company Moneris yesterday announced the launch of a new, unified feature Moneris B2B Pay, to help businesses make and receive payments. 

Shopify Markets gets Avalara’s duty and import tax compliance technology 

Cloud-based tax compliance automation firm Avalara has announced that its cross-border compliance capabilities will be used in the duty and import tax feature of Shopify’s end-to-end cross-border solution, Shopify Markets. 

It’s Something Personal – CMO Talks with Cathy Taylor

At a time when some marketers are grappling with the very concept of addressable TV, others are using it to selectively segment viewing audiences,...

No CMO is an Island – CMO Talks with Noah Elkin

Digital marketing leaders are responsible for everything from driving growth to customer acquisition and retention – objectives that involve and require collaboration with other...

Doing the math: Using data to make business decisions – CMO Talks with Aaron Ballew

With the acceleration of digital business and the cyber fallout from Covid-19, organizations are looking to identity and access management (IAM) to deliver flexible...

Twitter teams up with Wealthsimple to send cash to creators via Tip Jar

Wealthsimple Cash is the first Canadian payment service to be linked directly with the feature.

Hootsuite acquires customer messaging platform company Heyday

Global social media management platform firm Hootsuite today announced it is acquiring Montreal-based AI customer messaging platform company Heyday for CA$60 million. 

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