The latest viral video sensation sweeping social media depicts an incredible piece of wearable technology that you can use while biking, riding transit, or even in the bath.

The Cicret bracelet is “like a tablet… but on your skin” the video proclaims. The users in the video are wearing a thin plastic wrist band and simply flick their wrist to summon forth an Android touch-screen surface on their forearm. Ostensibly, a projector is creating this image and a set of eight proximity sensors along the wrist band create the touch interface. The wrist band is loaded with unseen electronic components that give it all the functionality of a smartwatch and more, according to a schematic-style diagram shown in the video.

To put the icing on the cake, the Cicret bracelet is advertised to be available in two storage sizes – 16 GB and 32 GB – and 10 different colours.

Here’s the problem – this bracelet doesn’t exist. There’s no selection of colours available, no storage size options, no advanced projection system that reacts to your touch on your skin. What’s depicted in the video is the work of post-production special effects, not a prototype piece of technology in action. That’s because no prototype exists.

WTOP journalist Neal Augenstein got to the bottom of this secret with some inquiries to Guillaume Pommier, the co-founder of Paris-based Cicret. In his story, Pommier tells Augenstein that the video is an illustration and the company consists of four partners that are trying to raise donations via PayPal to fund development. Furthermore, three of the four team members work for other companies and are hiding their involvement with Cicret “because we don’t want to be fired.”

For Bret Conkin, the CEO of Crowdfund Suite, he first noticed the Circret bracelet campaign when it had a brief stint on Indiegogo.

“It looks too good to be true, it kind of defies your BS meter,” he says.

People interested in crowdfunding campaigns should carefully consider giving money to independently run efforts, he says. Platforms like Kickstarter require a working prototype for example, but the Cicret bracelet is based on a mock-up.

“Do your homework,” Conkin says. “If it feels the claim is so fantastical, its worth spending 15 minutes scanning what the conversation is around the product before you make a decision.”

Although no prototype for the Cicret Bracelet exists, the video depicts components in detail.
Although no prototype for the Cicret Bracelet exists, the video depicts components in detail.

Unlike the crowdfunding campaigns we’re used to seeing on Kickstarter or Indiegogo where contributors are promised to be shipped products as soon as they’re completed, Cicret is just asking for donations with no strings attached. Pommier had previously launched an Indiegogo campaign, but closed it after raising only $1,357 of the $500,000 goal. Pommier told Augenstein he closed it because he wouldn’t be able to deliver on the product if their goal wasn’t reached.

There have been other crowdfunding campaigns that promised products that seemed too good to be true, Conkin says. He points to the Healbe GoBe campaign on Indiegogo that raised $1 million but is well beyond its promised shipping date for its product – which promises to measure calorie intake automatically by placing a sensor on your skin. The company missed its promised shipping date of Sept. 22.

The projector bracelet isn’t Pommier’s only project. The same website also advertises another product that does exist – in fact you can download the beta on the Google Play store right now. Cicret offers Android users a secure and private way to communicate with contacts, share files, and access files remotely through an encrypted communications channel. Its features include the ability to have your messages auto-destruct after being sent, the ability to edit messages you’ve previously sent, and to delete messages you’ve sent previously so the recipient can no longer access them.

According to Cicret’s call for donations page, it needs 300,000 euros ($425,062) to make the Cicret app available on all platforms. To make the Cicret bracelet’s first prototype, it will need 700,000 euros ($993,177). The website reasons that “if everyone gives us 1 euro, we will make it and release our products!”

There’s a term for hardware that companies promise and is never released – vapourware. While it’s only fair to give Cicret its fair chance at developing the prototype its viral video promises, there seems to be a lot of hot air around this bracelet’s development so far.

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  • Petr Hubacek

    Only one comment on the whole internet that I see telling the whole story about the cicret. There is realy some huge bubble of expectations from technology in people mind. Its good. Expectation can help in many ways.

  • NAH Dreamchild

    If you go to the circet website they tell you it hasn’t been made yet. It’s no big secret. They are actually trying to get donations to make it a reality. They even go as far as to say if you see someone trying to sale one online it’s not real, they are still working on the prototype.

    • Hey, if you’re sending the makers of Cicret some money, could you send me a cheque too? I will put it towards research on a teleportation device in early development.

    • nuanced

      One of the hallmarks of a classic scam is to say don’t fall for those scammers

  • Everybody go to twitter and answer people that tweeted cicret that this project is a Fake !

  • chadm252

    I guess this thing only works if you’re white.

    • nuanced

      Or extremely gullible.

  • Matt Gibbs

    I guessed this was bullshit as soon as I saw the mans fingers interacting with a projector without causing a shadow. How are features like “pinch to zoom” supposed to work when you can’t see the image?

    • Neil Underwood

      Thanks for ruining the fantasy for everyone. How very Christian of you, destroyer of dreams! You’re too right…..

      At least I can stop wanting one now, and save the preorder money for something that’s actually a physical possibility. I wonder how many stoners would pay to preorder before reading these comments pointing out what should be obvious but somehow fails to be for a moment or two.

  • lylejk

    Of course it don’t exist, but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. I got lambasted for posting the video link (other sites) but I told those guys they had a failure of the imagination if they don’t think it could never exist. It wasn’t that long ago that smartphones were just a dreamed up concept. This coming year, we will finally get the McFly’s self tying shoes (remember Back to the Future?). I won’t give to any Micro funding campaign; don’t give for product development unless I get an immediate something in return (charities is an exception of course). Still, I do believe this can exist one day or even something better like a smart phone with front and back cameras. I even think it could exist within 2 to 3 years. Those that are cynical now are already caught in a paradigm. This technology indeed could (and will) replace the smart phone. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The problem here isn’t with people’s failure of imagination. The people behind Cicret are asking for money to be sent to them for a product that they will likely never be able to develop. Did you donate towards this team?

      • lylejk

        I already said I didn’t; I don’t donate for product development unless I get immediate benefit. You say never likely be able to develop; I disagree with you. If we can think it to be, it usually becomes. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Yes I am still waiting for Amazon to deleiver my Teleporter !

    • Emilio Lizardo

      Yes, it is impossible. At least based upon any presently existing technology. The depicted “detailed components” are pretty much what a non technical person would suppose such a device would require. It’s bullshit.

      • lylejk

        Give a year or two. Who would have though you could buy a 4GHz process with 1 TeraByte HD 20 years ago when 1MHz processors were the norm. I’m willing to wait. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • The problem is not about technology, but physics, you can do smaller battery, smaller and more powerfull processor, but…

          You will not avoid shadow behind the finger (or fingers when you will pinch to zoom) at the opposite of light projection source.

          You will not have clear and crisp picture on a non plane material like an arm.

          You will not display black color in daylight.

          The projection angle is far too low.

          Flexible transparent screen fixed on front arm like a big watch is more believable technology.

        • Queefer Sutherland

          A year or two? That’s very wishful thinking. First the military will have to take full advantage of it, and eventually it will be sourced to the public. But would take much longer.

      • lylejk

        Here’s one more technology that will make this possible. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Brandi

      Your grammar gave me cancer…

      • lylejk

        What’s with the triple periods? ๐Ÿ™‚

        • nuanced

          It is called ellipsis. Look it up in a dictionary or …

          • lylejk

            So your point means that you had more endless babble to state but spared me the dribble? If so, then thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • nuanced

      it IS NOT possible as shown. Trust physics.

  • Howard Robinson

    I need $10,000,000 to produce my Screamatorium. It requires a very small room or closet space. The devise converts sound into energy that can be stored and used to provide electricity for one’s house. Every morning you go into the Screamatorium and scream as loud as you can for as long as you can or long enough to fill your storage batteries. Then set it and let it power your house for the day. It also has the beneficial effect of relieving stress.

    • Dirty Harry

      These days it wouldn’t be hard to find things to scream about.

    • Pablo

      I heard if you use laughter instead of screaming it works much better. Oh, wait that was from Monster Inc.. Never mind.

    • jackass

      Where can I invest on this mechanical marvel? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Cybercase

    Al Sharpton would be in an uproar that this is yet another technology development that discriminates against blacks.

    • nuanced

      How so? The video shows it projecting pure white and pure black. Maybe it is the way your mind thinks?

  • boocat

    I first saw it and figured it was like the Memoto/Narrative Clip life-blogging camera, I mean, that there was already a little gadget made up in prototype somewhere. But it does seem to be vaporware. Too bad, because it would be cool if unicorns really did fart glitter.

  • Dirty Harry

    P.T, Barnum stuff. Sucker born every minute. If you have invested in this you are an idiot.

    • nuanced

      It is not an investment. It is a pure donation without even a tax deduction. They could not get crowdfunding.

  • Emilio Lizardo

    It’s impossible to do all that with current technology. Maybe in 20 years.

  • Arturo

    Projector technology like that does not exist. Too small for too many lumens required to project in broad daylight.

  • Queefer Sutherland

    There’s a sucker born every minute.

  • David Anon

    I knew it was fake the second I saw the bathtub scene. What respectable white person does NOT take a bubble bath? Totally fake!

    • James Donaldson

      You broke the code, well done David, well done.

  • RK Nield

    Before you cry fake or foul please do research on the technology. While it is a good idea to be careful about things like this – the idea of it is not impossible. The projector technology and sensors to register touches and the like already exists in the form of laser keyboards for laptop computers and tablets, such as this fine device:

    This device is possible – note I say “possible”. I do think it is wise to invest carefully or not at all if you aren’t comfortable about this. And not having a prototype is concerning. But also think about the revolution this would cause and that if we are overly cautious about new technology every time it came out, we wouldn’t have cellular phones to begin with (the idea was laughable when the cellular phone was first introduced).

    They probably are having trouble finding funding specifically because everyone thinks this concept is fake.

    FYI – the Samsung Galaxy G5 is water resistant to 1m for 30min – which means techincally you COULD take it in the bath with you (as long as you dont immerse it for too long – see here: – edit: holy crap they put it in the washer, didn’t see that coming when i randomly grabbed this video)

    Anyhow. Just saying don’t be so quick to cry foul on new tech without doing on a TON of research. I for one hope that they manage to produce this thing, cause it looks pretty epic.

    Good day everyone, and good luck Circet.

    • nuanced

      The idea as presented is impossible since it violates basic physical laws. Even allowing for salesmanship exaggeration the finished product would not perform or have a form factor anywhere near as shown. This would have been obvious to the first engineer to which the concept was shown. To persist with the concept as shown is either incredible stupidity or a scam.

      • James Donaldson

        Well, while I agree mostly with you, it’s very hard to picture what is possible in 5 years. We apply our engineering knowledge to what we have already seen in terms of design/science/manufacturing/software/battery life, etc – but it’s easy to disregard the fact that in 10 years, many of today’s heralded technologies would have displaced what we see now as the best solution. Human technology is moving at an astonishing pace, so trying to predict what is and isn’t possible isn’t as simple as it would seem.

    • The issue isn’t whether the device is “possible” or not. It’s that this team didn’t make it and won’t make it. The video here is composed of CGI, not featuring a real working product, yet there’s no mention of that in the video or on the Cicret website. They aren’t putting it forward as something that could be made in the future, and they’re not even promising any deliverables.

  • Bill

    It is near-impossible to realize
    1. How to compete with the sunlight outside? I worked on 3D imaging for out-door application, and from my personal experience, the sunlight is so hard to compete.
    2. How to project black? Black is no-illumination. A projector cannot project black.
    3. How to resolve the no-smooth surface on our arm? The image will be distorted.

    • db_pdx

      Agree, can’t project black. Very astute.

    • Drek

      From the looks its not projecting black its projecting and off-black closer to gray

    • James Donaldson

      It sure is possible but the display will not look too amazing. It would need to rely on a high contrast projection, and rather than using black like traditional display, would rely on objects (icons) overlaying what is already there (skin)

  • Matt

    Even if the technology did exist (which it doesn’t) the money they are asking for is know where near enough. They would be lucky to achieve a quarter of that product with 10 times the money. I worked in cutting edge mobile design for over ten years. Still maybe one day….

    • Joe

      The technology does exist, but just not that small, look for the Photon Projector on youtube. It looks like they are going to steal patented tech from the rightful owners and call it their own.

    • Brandi

      You worked in mobile design but can’t spell “nowhere”?

      • Andres

        That’s all you got from his post?

      • nuanced

        just proves he is a good engineer

  • DonJean

    The last thing that I have to add to my morning routine, shaving my phone…arm.

  • mllndadotz

    Um… This company never claimed to have made it… Its a concept they are requesting support for and a very possible dream. This technology is the up to date version of the very same that is in those smart boards that are in most offices I’ve worked in and I’m sure many of you have seen too… The writer of this needs to explore his topic before he goes bashing on other companies

    • Andres

      Yeah Im going to make a concept video of a FTL space ship to colonize the universe and you will be my number one (stupid)supporter.

      • The truth teller

        Andres your the only one being stupid

        • Smart One


          Looks like someone needs to go back to kindergarden

          • Ebony Monreaux


  • Shez

    Correct. The writer breeds negativity for his own agenda. Too skeptical and boring. He might as well say that vaccines don’t help, surgeons shouldn’t wash their hands prior to surgery and that Apple isn’t going to release anymore great products.

    Why doesn’t the writer invent something himself?

    The sky’s the limit.

    By the way Brian Jackson, this was my invention. It came about in 2006 whilst I was talking to one of my clients.

    Why don’t you have a look at how it actually works and why it works, before trying to pull it down.

    Or maybe invent something yourself? Because right now, you’re just being boring and lame.

    • Andres

      No, you are boring and lame… “Or maybe invent something yourself?” What? Go pickup your baby bottle that fell from your mouth.

      • The truth teller

        I think that in a product you have 2 look on the positive an negative sides, Citrec seems possible but its asking alot of money and the prototype isn’t even done, but its awsome and many people want 2 see it on their wrist. And andres your comments don’t make sence, Shez is right maybe you should know how it works before you pull it down and Brian is sort of right, you can’t just say that it is in 10 different colors and in your website it says the prototype is not done

    • nuanced

      What is your patent number. We can look it up and see for ourselves.

    • Lakawak

      This guy hasn’t invented anything either. Nor will he. He is just trying to get gullible idiots like you to send money. Money that will NEVER be spent on this stupid concept.

  • Wow.. Lovely this is Great Technology.. Great Job..

  • Daniel D

    Interesting concept. Think about the physics though. Correct me if I’m wrong – when you boil it right down to the basics, projectors create images by shining light onto a surface. Dark parts of the image are created by simply not shining light at that part of the surface. The thing that reveals this video as being an obvious hoax is that there are parts of the image that are clearly darker than the wearer’s own skin. In reality, if the dark parts of an image are simply the absence of light from the projector, this could never happen. The dark bits of a projected image could never be darker than the wearer’s skin under ambient light.

    So in reality, surely any image projected onto somebody’s arm would look much paler than the nice sharp images depicted in this video and in practice would just look crap! (unless the wearer had very dark skin or was viewing in the dark!)

    • Eduardo Maal

      That doesn’t make sense. I mean, don’t regular home/office projectors project onto blank screens? How do they project black?

      • Virt

        In the dark.
        If you use a projector in normal outside daylight conditions, you will hardly get any black.

        Currently there is no way to “project black” as black is simply the absence of any visible light.

        • David

          In daylight the ambient light over powers the light a office projector produces. All of your colors are faded not just the darks.

      • Mathieu Maillet
    • David

      If your dark theory was true why are projection screens white.

      • sergenius

        White screens “REFLECT” light of any color…….. if the room is pitch dark, the only thing you see in a dark spot on a white screen is “pitch dark” . Which means no light is projected into that spot which means no light is “reflected”

        • Karen Bonner

          But how often is the room “pitch dark” to the point that the screen looks black? And yet dark colors are still shown on a white screen.

          • Lakawak

            If the room isn’t dark, then the dark images projected on the screen AREN’T that dark.

      • Justin Kawczynski

        Please tell me how in your theory does one project a shade that has no color at all? Think about this for a second… Light is just a mixture of colors (a rainbow)… Black is a shade that is absent of color… It’s impossible. And please don’t say “A Black Light” because that’s something completely different…

        • Cola

          Daniel is absolutely correct. But you’ve got it backwards. light is not “just a mixture of colors”. Color does not create light, light creates color. Cones in our eyes receive varying wavelengths of light. These varied wavelengths are what cause different colors. When pure light reflects off an object part of that light is absorbed and part is reflected back. The way the light is absorbed (more so the light that is left that is reflected) changes the wavelength of the light, thus changing the color. These wavelengths are known as the “visible spectrum” or the rainbow, as you put it.

      • Joe

        Very true David

      • Lakawak

        IT is why movie theaters go very dark. If you try to watch a projected image in a light room, or in the sun, the darks are not very dark at all.

  • AliBee

    And it’s only February – not 01 April :-)))

  • James Donaldson

    Battery life: 10 seconds.

  • Meron Elbaz

    Where can I get one of this?

  • Justin Kawczynski

    Anyone who wants to be really disappointed go to there website to check out the real prototype… Just thing 90s cellphone and where where at today based off that progression model and the real thing we’ll have the technology in this video in about 10 – 15 years lol right after this guy David in the comments discovers a way for projectors to project black since he’s already positive is a real thing =)

  • AL

    I think we are missing a point, I don’t think this will become a reality within the next few years, but it is interesting to see the direction people are thinking.
    With the defelopment on the new computer system from HP due for the prototype in 2016 with the retail release in 2018 it may make thinks like this possible with a much reduced power consumption and a processing power of terrabites per micro seconds, we will have to wait and see.

  • DeoDiva Crucifixinox

    Years ago, almost 2/3 of the whole world population still typed something with typewriter. Now we have virtual keyboard, projected from a small plastic box to the surface.
    Years ago, augmented reality was amazed most people with its technology, now even Oculus is no longer exclusively distributed among high class tech geek.
    While we laugh on its concept and their (seemingly nonsense and useless) efforts now, I wish one day later my grandchildren will show me their arms and said “you wanna see the video we recorded separately on your birthday, granpa?”

    • Lakawak

      All those other things you mentioned were actually an IMPROVEMENT over the predecessor.

      Go ahead and send money to them. That is the SOLE reason why the website and video exists. To send money that will never be spent on developing this scam.

  • I think if you read the info on the Cicret website, rather than the spiel on the hundreds of blogs that have posted the video, it’s fairly obvious that the device doesn’t exist. They are, rather obviously, seeking crowdsourcing to develop it.

    Whether it comes to fruition or not is something that only time will tell. It might never happen – but isn’t that the difference between R&D and Production?

    • Lakawak

      It is the difference between an actual good idea and trying to scam gullible people who want to be part of the crowd sourcing phenomenon.

      • Chase Lawrence

        The prototype has been made, it’s not a scam, it’s simply a work in progress

  • Lakawak

    IT is amazing how many people are falling for this. This is nothing more than a scam to take advantage of crowd sourcing. Anyone with a brain not only sees how this would not be possible any time soon..but is just plain stupid to begin with. What benefit does it give someone over the currently available products?

    • Chase Lawrence

      The prototype has been made and is only a few years from becoming a final product, I’ve seen it in person, its not a scam, it’s a combo of low angle projection and 3D touch interfacing

      • Popcorn123

        I believe you. This article is a bunch of bullshit

      • I’d love to see some photos or video of your demo if you have it.

        • Chase Lawrence

          Current demos are up on the cicret crowd fund site

        • Chase Lawrence
          • resolution is crap, colors are washed, there is a ugly shadow behind the finger when you touch the arm, all the negative points I described in a previous comment are present in this demo video, as I expected the project will never reach the picture quality (and avoid the shadow behind the finger) as showed in the bathroom video.

    • matrix

      what benefit over the other available products? it’s much cooler than anything out there. stupid

  • Ryan Nowicki

    Im surprised he didnt get more money. Well crafted idea but has too many hurtles for any one company to do at this one point which is why this is a scam, not obvious if say you get your news from facebook. A lot of people do.

  • Sandman8630

    demand drives development people…. is it possible? what benefits does it give someone?…. let’s see…. we can take a rover the size of a VW Bug, fly it 3000000 miles thru space and land on an alien planet within 3/4 miles of the intended GPS co-ordinates. That is like landing a hole in one hitting from the top of the empire state building and the green being in Brazil!!!!! As far as I am concerned… this is the most practical Idea for a wearable computer. I would love to see it happen. If everyone gives one euro and it fails… oh well… if it succeeds, it opens the door to wearable diagnostic equipment… a huge benefit! not to mention, it is lightweight water proof, and low profile… you never have to take it off. no more loosing your cell phone! Doesn’t look like you can crack this screen…. downside… no 60″ display… but maybe the cicret 2G64 will have a wall projector that allows up to 112″ display! I love the innovation, and the buzz they have already created… keep driving development guys! WTG! Anyone complaining it’s a scam is just mad because they found out it is not real, is just really mad because they were fooled into thinking it was… don’t worry they will be the ones camped outside for two days waiting for it’s release. This product would be less disappointing than say…. the I watch?

  • Sandman8630

    Iwatch wants $500 for a bluetooth 1″ display that doesn’t even play video.. what are the true benefits there?… you can get a classic mickey watch skin!… thank god you can’t get donald or they would charge us $700… Not only can they release it, but they could steal the entire market if priced right.

  • Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm1234

    This guy is a fuckin bitch ass

  • Scotbrit

    I bet someone wishes they had done more research into if it exists or not. Wont bother reading this guys speculation again.

  • david

    This is such an obvious fake I’m insulted that this managed to take some of my time.

  • Joshua Thornton

    Go to the official website and scroll down to the bottom there is a new video of a working prototype this time

    • And the result is really far away for the first “fake” marketing video and as I expected and said here 5 months ago :

      You will not avoid shadow behind the finger (or fingers when you will pinch to zoom) at the opposite of light projection source.

      You will not have clear and crisp picture on a non plane material like an arm especially with such low projection angle.

      The resolution look so low !

  • Kurdo Lazia

    if you look at the video from the beginning and accurate in secund 22 you will see that half the big finger tip disappears as it is a clear sign that the video is just a fake, by the way video is made โ€‹โ€‹of non -savvy video editors ..

    • The first commercial video is indeed a fake (no shadow behind finger) only created as bate, the second one further in the page is real, and realword result is bad … as expect, far from what they advertised/expected in the first video.

  • Doug El Conquistador

    totally possible 4sure..projection keyboards are already available…these clowns problem is they want to do an app and prob charge for that as well. make it bluetooth or 5.8ghz

    • No it is not possible (do not compare with single color and low resolution display and low refresh of such keyboard) and their second video that seems to be a real one this time and not a fake like the first prove I was right about the problem they will not be able to solve :

      You will not avoid shadow behind the finger (or fingers when you will pinch to zoom) at the opposite of light projection source.

      You will not have clear and crisp picture on a non plane material like an arm especially with such low projection angle.

      Colors are washed.

      The resolution look so low !

  • Tariq Hussain

    what is the price approximately circuit bracelet and when this sale???

    • which one ? the wonderfull one adverstised in this commercial video that will never exist, or the real one that will produce crap picture, shadow behind finger, low resolution, washed-near-monochrome color like this (flickering is due to camera shutter speed not synchronized with projector’s refresh rate)

      • Tobias Thackray

        How can you think of a shadow as a downside, that’s part of nature, there is no way to stop it….

        • Yes I know its “physical” limitation but the beautiful marketing video did not show this and the fact that the picture quality is also very bad in real world (washed near monochrome colors, low definition) so finally the product is far from what marketing video showed (as I expected and said months ago).

  • Ben P

    This piece of hardware seems to be going quite well actually – this post dated a year ago – was maybe written as it was far fetched but benefit of the doubt the product passed the patent registration – and they are seeking distributors at the moment. The prototype is built and they should have a fully working version by end of 2015. Over 7,000 donations were received and not sure for full investments – if things go as well as they say they are – distributors may ship these little things before spring next year with a MSRP of 199 to 399 US$. The full investment needed is 850,000โ‚ฌ (EUR)

    • The prototype video is far behind what they showed in the first commercial video, the video made from prototype show (unfortunately as I expected) very poor display quality and resolution (so low that it looks like old 320*240), washed near monochrome colors, shadow behind finger (they should have showed/simulated this shadow in the first simulated video because they knew it would be there but of course this would habe been much less flattering).

      • Sedgehero

        Hey I was just wondering cause I don’t think you’ve metioned it anywhere in the comments yet, does a shadow show up behind your finger? Cause if I could have a convenient tablet in a bracelet on my wrist I would definitely not want it if that happened, we should probably just give up on all advances in technology if natural occurrences make it not perfect cause either it has to be perfect or nothing at all

        • if you sort the comments by “oldest” you’ll see I started to tell about the issues this bracelet will have in “real world” 9 months ago (and closer in other comments)

          But what I say is that the “commercial” video showed a really wonderfull product, no shadow, clear and crips picture, amazing, no technical and physical limitations, but in reality the product go from “amazing” into “barely acceptable”, they should have made a closer-to-reality video because many people believed this was possible and in fact it is not as showed in their real product video (whenever it’s only a pre-production version).

  • IJudgeYou

    dude take this post off your a loser if you think that its not coming out they have made a prototype just take this off your a loser

    • brian

      Bro calm down like you’re a lose for even commenting get a life

    • Yes they made one prototype and here is the “reality” that is very far from amazing commercial video and will never permit this bracelet to be more than some kind of basic low-res low-color SMS-Like notificator

  • Victor

    What is the name of the company who will release these bracelets??

    • CN2P is the name, but don’t dream too much, here is the display in real life taken from their prototype … far for the makerting video that showed top quality full colored high resolution display isn’t it ?

    • ah ah ah and everybody knows that AliExpress products (as all other webstores like this one) are always selling products that are exactly what is expected, described, showed on the product’s description/photos.

      so go for it, don’t waste a minute and buy it then send us a video of this wonderfull vaporware ๐Ÿ™‚

    • xito

      they got rid of it

  • Noxdos

    If the bracelet was real (not saying that it couldn’t be) it wouldn’t have a shadow because the projector is coming out the side and your hand is on top so they wouldn’t clash

    • This is how the real life prototype looks like (picture taken from their own real life video) … ugly low def washed colors and yes you have the shadow behind finge of course so the product can be produced but far away from original fake commercial quality/features specs.

  • Beck

    Lol…..just visit their official website. You can donate to their cause. They’ve reached a big 45% of their goal and need to be 100% by 12-31-15 to start production.

    • The problem is not that the product is impossible to create, it is impossible to make it work as “cool” as it look in the first commercial video with great colors, no shadows, very detailed screen pixel density and so on all because of physical limitation. So this commercial video is bullshit.

      This is how it looks like in real world

  • dave

    You really do NOT need to be a genius to figure out this is a SCAM to get free money (or “donations”) … and I understand their point of view – I really do – Idiots should NOT have a lot of money… might as well give some to them ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    But seriously – if you donate any money to them – you have NO guarantee it will ever be made as EVEN if was real – they had real intentions to do it – how can you know they’ll get enough donations to start developing it ?
    What if they don’t – do you think they’ll give you back your money ?? of course not… it was a “donation” after all… not a purchase of any kind.

    You’re basically paying for the VIDEO they made… It took them some money to generate such a video with so many video effects – and they are trying to get money for it… you’re not paying for anything real as there is NO such thing and they’ll never make one either… we are NOT there yet !
    Just look at the projectors we have now days and you’ll see why… they are not projecting from the sides but in front – they are not water resistant and they are definitely not that small… BUT let’s say it was possible to make – the cost for it would be in the thousands – are you willing to pay $2000 for such a thing ?

  • Joe


    • yes they do and the reality is far behind beautifull concept video…

    • MstrFool

      They sure do. But, I can’t help but notice that they are careful with the camera angle, and you never see more then a small slice of the projector unit. While it was light years away from the concept vid, it was still impressive to see, all things considered. I would expect something about twice the size of a pico-projector, which while bulky would still be usable. But sadly, from what they show, the person could be wired directly to a full size tower computer, with an extension cord plugged into the wall to power the projector.

      It’s clear they are hiding quite a bit that should not need to be hidden, and that never inspires trust.

      • tony

        I need one desperately, for a important. job. Are you able to find a few for?

      • Matt Begley

        No, they sure don’t have a prototype. Do your research. This exists only in CGI.

  • Ashik Ibrahim


  • Brian

    Is it out yet

    • no and it will never be as good looking as showed in the commercial.

    • Trig

      No you idiot it’s fake

  • Andrea Chicco

    Cicret Bracelet release date with scam warning โ€” Product Reviews Net

    • That article is dated 2 December 2014.

  • Arc

    The video shown is a CONCEPT VIDEO. That means that they know that it does not exist, but they’re showing what it could be with some R&D. At the moment they’re raising money to make the bracelet a reality, but it still doesn’t count it out as being a scam. It still could be, considering they aren’t using any outside sources like Kickstarter or Indiegogo to fund it. It’s off of their own website, so technically once they get their $500K they could walk away from this half a million dollars richer without any plans to make the bracelet. Despite that, this original article is based off of someone who didn’t do their research.

  • jonathan

    is it out yet

    • not out according to their web page and will never be as good as presented in the fake commercial video.

      But there is some interesting product called “ASU Cast One” that is a watch with some kind of mix between a touchscreen watch and a picoprojector that display on your hand or can be unplugged and put on a table to display larger screen.

  • Lalima Das

    Guys its a FUTURISTIC gadget, and obviously it won’t exist right now. They just shared the concept of the gadget that they’ll launch in the future. And the video DOES contain visual effects and all( if it its). Why just don’t appreciate the fact that something smarter is going to launch? ๐Ÿ™‚ For me, i don’t think it’s FAKE until and unless it’s purely promised to the public that it WILL be launched. The company is trying! Let’s hope for the best! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Bob D (rdrast)

      It is fake. A total scam. They have been asking for donations now for years, and keep extending their campaign goal date. Add to that that it is impossible to A) Project black (or any color darker than the background), B) Project a perfect display on the hand or wrist due to the multiple incident angles, C) Prevent shadows from the “Finger” interacting with the “Touch Display” (yet their faked video shows no shadow), D) Provide enough power for such a display in anything but a totally dark room, E)… Well, you should do some research yourself. Total scam, right in line with Ritot and the newcomer eyeCam. All scams.

    • M_Hawke

      Yes, the company is trying…trying to get your money from your bank account into theirs.

      • Spencer

        Yes because I’m sure 500,000 is going to give high paying apple employees a lot of money between the 4 of them

        • rick slick

          Yup, rinse and repeat.

    • AsianFork

      It’s good to know that it is going to be available in the future, but the main problem is that you’re actually paying for this, and you don’t even know when it’ll come; it could come decades later, and you would totally forget that you’re on the waiting list, or you might not even be alive by that time.

      • Spencer

        They claim by the end of 2016

      • You will NEVER get a product that look as sharp and clear as advertised in the commercial video but something with much lower resolution, washed colors and… shadow behind the finger so nothing displayed on the “dark side” of the finger ๐Ÿ˜‰

        You will get something approaching this first realword prototype that in fact show all the physics limitations of such product :

    • Matt Begley

      Because it is not going to launch, The laws of physics prevent any technology we are currently capable of from producing these effects in reality. Like the “Transporter” this is wishful thinking. Interesting, but still a fantasy.

      • Spencer Goth

        Not at all the transporter is completely capable. It is happening. You can’t say its a fake its not happening if you have no idea what your talking about.

    • Golden_Snidget

      It’s coming out by December 2016

  • Golden_Snidget

    Discount pre-orders end September 5, 2016!

    • if you have money to loose go for it !

  • Daniel

    You Have No Proof Of This. It Could Be Real

    • Just like there’s no proof that Sasquatch doesn’t exist, you mean?

  • Anthony Benvie

    i wanted one so bad but its FAKE.

    • snatze

      its not o got one and it works only 700 euro’s on the wish app..

  • Diamonds

    Well this is dissapointing

  • Goonies1225

    Just so you know, they take pre-orders December 1st. I donated

    • too bad you just lot your money

      • Ranger Larry

        I think these guys were trolling or in on it or something. They each made one comment then deleted their account.

        • Yep must be some guy from this vaporware French company

  • Pixel Person

    This is real it is happening and this claim is a rambling over someone who dosn’t know how advanced technology is and how unreal some real things can be. Besides even though this is still active it is old and during this time they where a small independent project, nowhich they have big people and company’s behind them and they are truly talented and are able to get over 100% of there goal and are shipping out early 2017. Don’t let the article witch is out dated bring your hopes down on this very real device. I hope I was a help here.

    • no you are not helping, this bracelet is fake and will always be (at least with the same picture quality as advertised).

      • Akkadian50001

        Not with current optical technology, maybe some advanced form of solid state lasers, but the bracelet gets really big. Remember how much power to light up a screen in that lithium ion battery! and then how much more power to light up an arm counteracting broad spectrum light in sunlight!

        See if any patents are filed, then combine that with doing the math and physics…..this is why education is so important!

    • MrAptronym

      At the very least, the device as shown in the videos cannot exist. Images cannot look that good. (they feature tones darker than the surface they are projected on) And the diagram shows a battery that is way smaller than would be necessary. I am not really sure how their touch technology could work very well either.

      A product could exist, but not the one in that video.

      • Drew Nei

        How do you get pitch black on a white movie screen?

        • MrAptronym

          You get good contrast on a movie screen by making a movie theater very dark. The screen may be white under well lit conditions, but in a room with the lights out, it appears black. If the lights were on, you would notice the contrast become poorer, because your brightest areas will not be as bright relative to the (now brighter) dark areas.

          In the promotional materials for Cicret, they show projections onto skin under lit conditions. A projector can never make something darker, it can only make some areas lighter. Even with a great projector and a white screen, you would not get a good image watching a movie outside on a sunny day.

    • Ranger Larry

      Not sure if serious.
      Are you someone working this scam?
      I just hope you were not someone that was duped by this and this rant is just you trying to validate to yourself that you didn’t fall for a scam, but invested your money.
      The timeline for shipment on the website is now gone, you cannot comment on any of their videos, they claim to have won award that doesn’t exist on their site, the prototype most recently shown is a projector the size of 2 boxes of cigarettes on a watch band using LEDs that do not give a clear rectangle shaped image visible in any lighting.
      I hope I was a help here.
      Here is an update video.

    • Alberto Balcazar Torrez

      if you look for it on kickstarter, you will see that this scam has some problems to solve

  • Amu Bright

    I Will Like To Be A Sale Distributor Here In My Country (GHANA) And How Much Will That Cost Me?

    • nothing coz tis product is a scam, a vaporware, it will never exist the way showed in this advertisement so no way to sell it, but it will look like this much more realistic prototype’s video that is much less enjoyable :

  • Hafa rajpoot

    I just want to say thanks for this information.
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