Fawn Annan, Host CMO Talks Podcast

Have you ever been on hold with a company you do business with (or want to do business with) and heard a message like, “Did you know you can do almost all your transactions with us online?”

 Whenever I hear this, two thoughts pop into my head:

  1. If I could do this online, I wouldn’t be calling!
  2. Why don’t you want to talk to your customers?

This small example shows how easy it is to alienate customers and prospects, even while trying to be helpful. Unfortunately, it’s also easy to turn customers away during the online buyer journey.

Numerical satisfaction surveys have their place, but they don’t give marketers the pure gold that comes with talking to a customer and listening to what a customer says. As we become firmly entrenched in digital transformation, I’ve seen two themes emerge. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise and so is the desire to humanize the digital experience.  

 We talked about where these two themes intersected during recent episodes of my CMO Talks podcast.  Listen here.  

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