Fawn Annan, Host CMO Talks Podcast

In 2014, researchers investigating antibiotic resistance at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem discovered that “bacteria can evolve within days.” Many people would be impressed with this speedy evolution. 

On the other hand, people with a technology background might say, “Three days? What’s the holdup?”

Technology evolves faster than many organizations can manage. That’s why so many companies outsource technical solutions such as cloud services, digital transformation projects, IT support, etc.

Relentless evolution doesn’t happen only in technology. Customer experience, brand reputation, marketing, sales and workplace culture teams are—or should be—continuously evolving to achieve their business objectives.

 The importance of embracing evolution came out loud and clear in in a recent April CMO Talks episode.

Building a brand through purpose and culture-led change management 

Claudine Dumont, head of marcom and brand for Aptum, a hybrid multi-cloud managed service provider told me about her strategic role in bringing her CEO’s brand vision to life and why their brand messaging was guided (and validated) by employees and customers. She told me about how multiple mergers and acquisitions often result in employees feeling loyal to their former companies and why a rebranding project must take this reality into account. Listen here

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