Diligent’s new tool helps corporate boards evaluate themselves and improve

Members are meeting more often and facing more pressures, so evaluations are critical to provide a benchmark for successful governance

Facebook customer outreach on privacy policy backfires

Despite receiving a strong signal that customers don't want Facebook to share data with business partners, it will do so anyway.

How IT leaders can plan for business success

Many CIOs are daunted by the task of strategic planning. But doing it right will mean your guaranteed success and prosperity over a long career.

Six ways to ensure your IT budget doesn’t bomb

So you think you have the IT budget covered? So did many others, who nonetheless found themselves explaining missteps that cost hundreds of thousands - even millions - of dollars. Here are six stupid mistakes they learned not to make.

How to create a successful long-term IT strategy

CIO Jeff Steinhorn transformed energy company Hess Corp.'s short-term IT project approach into a five-year plan to sync up with business objectives.

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