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The best advice from Adobe Summit 2013

When some of the greatest minds in marketing have advice on the why they are successful, it’s time to take a knee and listen. Last...

FileTrek offers iPad dashboard for project management

The Ottawa-based firm is extending its file and worker management solution with an app for project managers on the go.

5 best Google Marketplace Apps for business

Apps you can add-on through your business' Google Apps account include free and handy tools to take care of tasks such as accounting, travel organizing, and appointment management. Here's five add-ons worth installing.

Use Google Calendar to stay on top of your to do list

With the right setup (which we'll explain), you can access Google Calendar from any Web browser, plug it into your favorite desktop calendar, and manage it from your phone so you can quickly add any item to your schedule no matter where you are.

Four ways to breathe new life into dying projects

The following four steps will help you regain control over and deliver a revised project successfully.

Not deciding is the worst decision of all for project managers

"Enterprises of great pith and moment

Smart ways geeks can impress the suits

Learning a bit of business lingo and throwing in a few useful applications for "suits" could brighten up the narrative for the battle stressed-techie, according to an expert panel.

20 free or cheap tools make online collaboration a breeze

You don't need a huge IT budget to collaborate online. Smaller firms can benefit from a breed of free or low-cost online services that support activities like collective editing of documents in real time, brainstorming and long-term project management.

7 business negotiation tactics from the FBI

Expert negotiators from the FBI and elsewhere serve up seven surefire negotiation tactics that you can use for business

Why moving to the cloud could give your IT staff the jitters

When companies decide to unplug on-premise servers, ditch the applications housed on them and adopt vendor-hosted software in the cloud, the IT staffers in charge of supporting and maintaining those discarded in-house systems are bound to get nervous.

Catchy slogans a cool way to sell IT

Some tech execs are looking at the idea of creating logos and slogans to convey who IT is and ensure that business clients won't forget it.

5 smart ways to sell your tech idea to the suits

Now, more than ever, tech employees at all levels need good presentation skills. Here are five tips for better tech presentations.rn

Don’t play the blame game when a tech project fails

Efforts to lay blame for a project failure have disastrous effects for both individuals and the organization as a whole.

Swine flu run-through helps firm find glitches, hone response plan

Not everyone agrees on the need to do a full-boat practice run -- but it can't hurt anything except your short-term expenses

Top 10 skills you need to succeed as a project manager

Strong project managers do more than just keep projects on track. They drive project teams to produce excellent results. We talk about the top 10 skills you need to do this effectively.rn

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