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Scrum-ptious – Scrum improves people skills, drives project success

At managed care provider Centene, a constructive relationship between IT and finance ultimately kept a project on track when the going got tough. And it did get tough.

How – and why – to manage your vendor after signing a deal

There's really no such thing as a done deal. After pen is put to paper and the contracts are all signed, you must begin to manage the deal to get the full benefit of your negotiations. For if you don't manage the deal, your vendor will, and it should be obvious that you and your vendor may not the same priorities.

Five free apps that make project management a breeze

In this roundup we take a look at five free - and fabulous - alternatives to using Microsoft Office Project. None of these are from major software companies. Four of the five are open source while the fifth, jxProjects, is advertising-supported. We'll show you what each of these applications offers, and how easy they are to use, even those unfamiliar with project planning. rn

Layoffs and budget cuts ruining many IT projects

A recent survey of 400 organizations and found a decrease in IT project success rates and an increase in IT project failure rates during the past two years. An expert attributes the increase in IT project failures to the recession and subsequent budget cuts.

Eight tips on how IT folk should deal with finicky users

There'll always be whining, demanding users who claim the IT team doesn't get them - and can't communicate. By the time you've worked through this eight-point guide, you'll have a working arsenal of soft skills that enable you work with such users at their level.rn

Eight simple steps to successfully manage a project

Businesses can talk a good game, but many may not know what it truly takes to successfully manage a project - so it's completed on time, on budget, and with high quality near 100 percent of the time. There are eight steps could help you reach that goal.rn

Skills that help Canadian IT professionals find work in a turbulent market

What are the skills that will get you ahead of the game in today's tough IT jobs market? Are there key hiring trends and opportunities you can take advantage of? Experts offer candid answers to these and other topical questions.

Smart project management helps Canadian firms save time, money, labour

Many Canadian businesses are using project management tools and strategies to align dwindling resources with critical business priorities.

Project management service frees user from sticky-note overload

Web service 5pm is an easy to use project management tool ideal for small businesses.

Seven project management techniques that will help you land that dream job

The discipline that brings in a major IT project on time can also guide personal projects such as the search for a new job.rn

A wiki a day could keep your project mgt woes away

Wikis can now be found in all sorts of IT departments. However, wikis cannot create miracles. One has to know how to effectively use the tool to reap its benefits.

Six smart ways to reduce IT growing pain

Like a child who always needs new clothes, your successful business will likely outgrow its IT outfit several times as it gets bigger.rn

Why you need to toot your own horn and how to do it with style

Perhaps you fail to communicate your accomplishments to management because you think they're obvious enough. Well, think again. When you do something very important in support of the business - you need to make sure interested parties know all about it.

Fourteen typical IT project management pitfalls and how to avoid them

The benefits of avoiding these 14 common project management blunders are many -- your project success rate will increase, and you'll also improve satisfaction among internal customers.

Canadian requirements management app cuts software development expenses

The "language barrier" between business and IT costs companies thousands of dollars in lost time and productivity. A maker of software requirements management products based in Markham, Ont., shows SMBs how they can bridge the communication gap.rn

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