There’s countless calendar apps out there, but they all pretty much present your schedule in the same way – days and weeks organized into rows and columns, your meetings and appointments in neat little boxes filling the hours of the day. But one calendar app is taking a different approach – with a circle.

CircleTime is an iOS app that does what it’s name promises – presents time in a circle. The approach allows for a progressive calendar that allows you to spin a dial to go forward or backwards in time. At its centre is the day of the week, date, and time of day. That’s surrounded by an inner dial that shows the 12 months represented by their first letters, a middle ring that shows the days of the week for the month ahead, and an outer ring showing the day of the month.

As the above Youtube video shows, HedgeHog, the makers of CircleTime are a bit grandiose in their presentation of the app’s “revolutionary” calendar that “shifts the boundaries in our understanding of time,” but hyperbole aside, it is pretty neat.

Representing your day’s schedule as an arc on a portion of a circle does give you a better sense of how full your schedule is. Plus, workers who bill based on time spent will appreciate the in-depth time tracking feature. The user just names the project they’re working on, chooses a calendar to record it too (for example, “Website project”) and press record, then stop when you’re finished. If done consistently, the user gets a good comparison of how much time they’re spending on a project and compare productivity across different sessions.

A free version of the app, Circltime Lite, was released to the App Store yesterday, so you can preview it before shelling out the $1.99 for the full version. It’s not clear what features are not included in the free version compared to the paid version.


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