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Smart strategies for IT project success

Companies polled saw half of their projects careening out of control

Smart strategies for IT project success

Smart strategies for IT project success rn

One IT project at a time

Here's what hasn't changed: Project managers continue to face pressure to deliver results on time, within budget, and using the best available technologies.

One IT project at a time (Part II)

<!---->Mark Roman, CIO at University of VictoriaHow do you choose the project management tools you use?First we defined our information systems governance process. Our...

One IT project at a time (Part I)

<!---->Dave Maloney, Project Manager of Paradigm Shift Technology GroupHow do you choose the project management tools you use?Previous experiences have established knowledge about what...

Working together at a distance

Collaborative workplaces melt away the miles which separate today's teams and allow groups to interact with each other as if all its members were just down the hall from each other

The psychology behind true project success

Those who don't have official authority need to expand their circle of influence

Coming to grips with the technical expert’s handicap

Misunderstanding between technical experts and users is far too common, but the onus to resolve it is on IT

New Year’s resolutions for a project managers

Our resident project guru resolves to improve planning, issues management skills

Confessions of a recovering change inflicter

Forgiving users of their technical ineptitudes is the first step in becoming an IT leader that helps them embrace change

2006: A year of innovation for IT departments

Forrester Research says in 2006 IT organizations will look beyond keeping the lights on to transforming business processes

Today’s IT professional juggles many corporate balls

Those hoping to make a career in IT must learn how to be multi-disciplinary

The allure of all things in their second iteration

One really is the loneliest number, but you have to work in the technology industry to realize just how lonely it is

Make a list, and check it twice

There’s a simple key to being a successful PM: keeping updated lists all issues

Make the chief project officer (CPO) part of the executive suite

Organizations having trouble getting their projects recognized at the executive level should try beefing them up

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