–>What has changed is the degree to which they have set up formal project management offices and the kind of relationships they have with other parts of the business.

They are also being presented with a growing number of so-called Web 2.0 technologies to facilitate collaboration and information exchange. Computing Canada recently surveyed its readership to get a cross-section of industry expertise on the keys to project management success.

The 5 Web 2.0 tools to consider:

  • FreshBooks: Handle time and billing chores, FreshBooks.com
  • BaseCamp: Create client/project extranets, Basecamp.com
  • TaskFreak: Organize projects by priority, deadline and context, Taskfreak.com
  • Harvest: Export records to comma separated value files, Getharvest.com
  • Project 360: Synch projects with cell phones and PDAs, Project360.com

The 5 main participants for the “Five on Five” online survey:

  • Dave Maloney – Project Manager, Paradigm Shift Technology
  • Karim Mamdani – Senior Project Manager, Canadian Pacific
  • Patrick Hannah – President, Avant Systems Group
  • Mark Roman – CIO, Univerity of Victoria
  • C.P. Senechal – CTO, AIXIA Computer Technics

To read the top 5 responses from our online survey click on the links below:
Dave Maloney| Karim Mamdani | Patrick Hannah | Mark Roman | C.P. Senechal

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