SoftwareReviews 2020 project portfolio management data quadrant.

Published: February 20th, 2020

SoftwareReviews announced ONEPOINT Projects PPM, TeamDynamix PPM, Mavenlink, and Wrike as the winners of its 2020 project portfolio management data quadrant awards. 

The four vendors have been chosen as the best performers according to users and received gold medals for leading the way with exceptionally good customer experience. 

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SoftwareReviews data quadrant awards identify and appreciate outstanding vendors in the technology marketplace as per annual users’ evaluation.

The SoftwareReviews data quadrant evaluates and ranks products based on feedback from IT and business professionals. The placement of software in the Data Quadrant indicates its relative ranking as well as its categorization.

SoftwareReviews 2020 project portfolio management data quadrant. Graphic from SoftwareReviews.

ONEPOINT Projects bagged the highest rank among software in the areas of product strategy, vendor support, rate of improvement, quality and breadth of features, and ease of implementation and IT administration. 

TeamDynamix scored highest in keeping customers highly satisfied because of its mandatory feature project portfolio management. 

Mavenlink users were delighted and gave top scores to the vendor in many areas including analytics and reporting, and timesheet and lifecycle management. 

As per Wrike’s users, the vendor performed consistently well, the software took the top spot for usability and intuitiveness, tasks and team flow management, and business value created.

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