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Hashtag Trending – Zoom’s privacy woes; Softbank drops $3B WeWork deal; T-Mobile and Sprint

Zoom gets dunked on some more because of multiple reported security and privacy issues, Softbank says no to a $3B deal with WeWork, and the Sprint/T-Mobile merger is official. Zoom is

Published on: April 3rd, 2020 ITBusiness Staff

Hashtag Trending – Protest at General Electric; woman sticking to her roots; Apple increases aid

General Electric factory workers demand the company to manufacture ventilators, woman turned into a vegetable during a remote meeting, Apple is upping aid against COVID-19 pandemic. General Electric factory workers are staging a

Published on: April 2nd, 2020 ITBusiness Staff

Office 365 is now Microsoft 365, plus a few important additions

By Catherine Morin   Microsoft on Monday unveiled its new Microsoft 365 Personal and Family consumer plans, which are designed to replace existing Office 365 subscriptions. On April 21, current Office 365 offers

Published on: March 31st, 2020 ITBusiness Staff

Hashtag Trending – Whistleblower uncovers surveillance program; Instacart strike; Streaming struggles

A whistleblower unearths a new Saudia Arabia mass surveillance program, delivery workers are asking for better support during the pandemic, and streaming services are seeing record use. A whistleblower has revealed an

Published on: March 31st, 2020 ITBusiness Staff

Hashtag Trending – Hackers’ work interrupted; Zoom update removes Facebook code; Internet strain

Social distancing ruins a group of hackers’ cyberattack plans, Zoom removes the code that sends data to Facebook after everyone pointed it out, and there’s no shortage of chatter about the increased strain

Published on: March 30th, 2020 ITBusiness Staff

Hashtag Trending – Stern warning from Snowden; Zoom concerns; Amazon seeks donations

Edward Snowden issues a strong warning about surveillance in the wake of COVID-19, people are figuring out that Zoom shares data with Facebook even if users don’t have an account with the social

Published on: March 27th, 2020 ITBusiness Staff

Hashtag Trending – WeWork wants you back; More Amazon workers test positive for COVID-19; UPS Wingcopter

WeWork is doing its best to entice people to work from its locations again with money, more Amazon workers test positive for COVID-19, and a flying UPS delivery wingcopter is turning heads on

Published on: March 26th, 2020 ITBusiness Staff

Hashtag Trending – Gates says US botched COVID-19 response; Snopes overwhelmed; Plague Inc. flips the script

Bill Gates says the US acted too late to avoid a lockdown; Snopes scales back due to overwhelming coronavirus misinformation; Plague Inc. flips the script on the virus. Despite Donald Trump’s constant

Published on: March 25th, 2020 ITBusiness Staff

Hashtag Trending – 3D-printed ventilators; Drones yell at people to stay indoors; Banning targeted ads

It’s the rise of 3D-printed ventilators, drones are being deployed and programmed to yell at people not practising social distancing, and a story about targeted ads blows up on Reddit. A TechCrunch story

Published on: March 24th, 2020 ITBusiness Staff

Hashtag Trending – Internet is here to stay; Netflix, YouTube slow down; Tech’s big 5 struggle

People are worried over the strain COVID-19 is putting on the internet, YouTube and Netflix reduce their streaming resolutions in response to spikes in traffic, and Tech’s Big 5 lost a lot of

Published on: March 23rd, 2020 ITBusiness Staff

An open letter to our audience – COVID–19: A balanced approach to carrying on

It is not business as usual. The last 12-weeks have demonstrated how fragile and truly interconnected the world has become economically and socially. The last 12 days have shown how Canada’s gentle “pardon

Published on: March 20th, 2020 ITBusiness Staff

Hashtag Trending – Amazon confirms its first COVID-19 case; A stern warning from Twitter; Trudeau unveils $82B aid package

Amazon confirms its first known coronavirus case in an American warehouse, Twitter is not messing around when it comes to stopping the spread of misinformation, and Justin Trudeau unveils an $82B aid package

Published on: March 20th, 2020 ITBusiness Staff

Hashtag Trending – Remote work’s downsides; Supercomputer helps COVID-19 research; New iPad Pro goodies

Many people appreciate working from home, but social media is highlighting the downsides, IBM’s supercomputer is already producing results in the ongoing fight against the coronavirus, and the iPad is pretty much a

Published on: March 19th, 2020 ITBusiness Staff

Hashtag Trending – Amazon goes on hiring spree; Apple slapped with massive fine; invisible censorship

Amazon goes on a hiring spree to keep up with online orders, Apple gets slapped with a $1.23 billion fine, and TikTok tells its moderators to suppress posts from “ugly people”.

Published on: March 18th, 2020 ITBusiness Staff

Hashtag Trending – WWDC goes remote; ISPs and data caps; on-site workers at Google, Facebook

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference goes virtual, a lot of chatter about COVID-19’s impact on data caps and how contractors are still expected to work on-site at Google and Facebook.   Apple’s flagship event

Published on: March 16th, 2020 ITBusiness Staff