Fawn Annan, ITWC CMO

By Fawn Annan

Remember the days when, if you wanted to know what your customers were thinking, you had to ask them directly?

This also involved allocating resources to sort through mountains of feedback from customer surveys and interviews, compiling trends, and – finally – acting on insights that grew more stale by the minute.

Fast forward to today and artificial intelligence, in the form of natural language processing (NLP), has become so advanced that it can help marketers understand customer intent. This analysis goes beyond what customers say they want; instead, it uncovers what customers actually want based on NLP, usage signals and emotions. Instead of taking days or months, this analysis can be done within an online shopping session or customer service chatbot query.

Similarly, the right MarTech tool can add clarity around return on investment (ROI) for marketing spend. It’s now possible to move beyond the old joke, “Half the money we spend on advertising is wasted … we just don’t know which half.”

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