Nicole Amsler, the vice-president of marketing at Formation, an AI-powered marketing platform, says with so many MarTech solutions options on the table, it’s easy to react quickly to the latest and greatest tool” that ends up being a wasted use of your budget in the long run.”

Instead, he suggests ussing three simple questions to narrow your options when expanding your MarTech stack.

What are your goals? – Instead of wedging a tool into your organization, ask how it can help you reach your goals. For example, if increasing revenue is important, how does the tool incentivize completed purchases?

Does it facilitate a single view of the customer? – Can this new tool integrate with your existing stack to align your communication strategy and customer preferences? Would this tool turn essential processes into manual tasks because it can’t sync up with the rest of the stack?

Is your view real time? – To provide the best customer experience, your view of customer behaviour must be up to date. Nicole Amsler says, “By constantly gauging the unique desires and motivations of your customers, you can deliver the right message or experience at the right place and the right time … 62% of consumers expect companies to adapt based on their actions and behaviors.”

Source: Forbes

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