CIK Telecom now offers mobile service in Canada

CIK Telecom opens its new carrier business in Canada.

Telus International acquires Lionbridge AI for CA$1.2 billion

Telus International acquires Lionbridge AI to speed up data tagging.

Ontario government reserves another $680 million for network development

Ontario to drive network development through additional funding.

SpaceX granted basic telecom license in Canada

SpaceX granted a basic telecommunication service license in Canada, but Canadians won't be able to subscribe just yet.

Rogers now offers 5G service in 130 Canadian regions

Rogers is now offering 5G service in over 130 regions in Canada.

Canadians get free access to 5G with the ‘Big Three’ telcos

None of the Big Three Canadian telcos will charge extra for 5G access. Rogers, the last telco to insist on charging a premium for its...

Nova Scotia and PEI will adopt COVID Alert, says Health Canada

Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are the latest provinces signalling their decision to adopt Canada’s COVID Alert exposure notification app, according to Canada’s...

How did the CRTC block its own wholesale internet prices?

Like a car in bad traffic, the CRTC’s wholesale internet rate has once again been halted, this time by the CRTC itself, the entity...

Canadian government and Shaw pull new fibre optic line in rural B.C.

Federal, provincial government and the private sector come together to increase internet access for underserved B.C. communities.

100x camera zoom showdown: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G vs Huawei P40 Pro+

Phone cameras have become more and more powerful since the first primitive efforts arrived more than 20 years ago. A grainy colour picture of...

Rural Ontario could have gigabit internet in as little as three to five years, says EORN

Gigabit internet access is within reach for Canadians in rural Ontario.

Distributel is the latest independent internet provider to increase prices

Distributel is the latest ISP to raise prices over CRTC pricing concerns.

Start.ca raises internet prices as CRTC wholesale rate remains in limbo

London, Ontario-based internet provider Start.ca hiked its internet subscription costs yesterday in response to the recent changes to CRTC's wholesale internet rates. The company increased...

NGMN whitepaper offers guidance on 5G sustainability

NGMN offers guidance on 5G's energy consumption and sustainability practices.

Building mobile apps a matter of getting the right info – CMO Talks with Peter Marston

CMO Talks with IDC Research Director Peter Marston At a time when individuals are being bombarded with messaging across multiple channels by dozens of brands,...

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