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Mobile devices fuel “anywhere office” trend

Published: December 20th, 2018 By: Steve Proctor


A new generation of powerful mobility devices will continue to revolutionize the workplace, fuelling the remote working trend that finally gained momentum in 2018.

With a recent Gallup survey finding 43 per cent of North American workers spent at least some time working remotely, and a Co and Co study suggesting the longer someone works remotely, the more they love it, businesses leaders today need to be preparing for the “anywhere office”.

Collaborative tools essential

As the need to visit a physical office decreases, real-time communication tools are vital for helping workers stay connected. Ironically, the tablets and smartphones that were frowned upon by IT leaders as potential security threats just a few years ago, are now essential collaborative tools offered as standard fare by firms with an eye on the future.

Surface Solutions Orchestrated by CDW offers a unique combination of products and technical support that will keep mobile workers collaborating effectively and businesses secure while offering a predictable monthly payment for hardware, software and support.

Under the Surface + M365 subscription program, workers get the latest Surface technology product every two or three years, along with software, services, and support in one package. Support spans the entire software life-cycle, from setup to refresh. A dedicated Customer Success Manager helps to maximize a worker’s software utilization.

The advantages of mobility

New mobility devices offer workers greater flexibility, enhance workflows and improve communications. They allow workers to collaborate with colleagues around the block or around the globe, driving efficiency and productivity, providing their organizations with a competitive edge.

Proponents of remote work argue that virtual teams are just as productive as physical ones due to a more dynamic, productive environment. A properly prepared remote operation will also give companies access to the best-skilled workforce across the globe, which in turn enables them to increase their revenue and capital.

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