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Samsung HMX-S15

While there's no dearth of mainstream HD consumer camcorders on the market today, Samsung with its S-series models has sought to raise the bar in terms of quality and breadth of features.Since they

Published on: November 23rd, 2010 Joaquim P. Menezes

Newly unveiled Adobe Acrobat X simplifies workflows, tightens security

Tighter security, simpler, speedier workflows, and tools for repurposing information assets are some of the new capabilities offered by Adobe Reader X and Adobe Acrobat X unveiled Monday. Acrobat X is the latest

Published on: October 19th, 2010 Joaquim P. Menezes

Smart Web mapping helps Peel police build safer community

A law enforcement outfit's effectiveness hinges a great deal on the quality of its analysis -- how quickly and accurately it can pinpoint crime hotspots, uncover incidents with a similar modus operandi, radius

Published on: October 13th, 2010 Joaquim P. Menezes

How to make the world your user interface

Pranav Mistry gesticulates like he's taking a picture.Mistry actually is, except there's no sign of any camera in his hands.Fixing his gaze on a scene he wants to capture, he gestures as though

Published on: October 5th, 2010 Joaquim P. Menezes

Thought-controlled computing brightens buildings

“I think therefore I am,” (Cogito ergo sum) asserted 17th century French philosopher René Descartes. Today, 400 years on, the power of thoughts to alter physical reality is being demonstrated in new and

Published on: September 28th, 2010 Joaquim P. Menezes

Coming soon

Picture an electro-mechanical device that knows, in advance, when it's about to develop a “defect” and can take corrective action to fix the problem. A tall order? Not so. Thanks to work being

Published on: September 24th, 2010 Joaquim P. Menezes

Adobe unveils Photoshop, Premiere Elements 9, woos Mac users

Adobe Systems Inc. today unveiled Photoshop Elements 9 and Premiere Elements 9 saying these applications offer users the breadth of functionality and ease of use they've long been clamouring for.Photoshop Elements and Premiere

Published on: September 21st, 2010 Joaquim P. Menezes

New venture will ‘Incite’ Canadian firms to tap social media power

Many Canadian companies, eager to harness social media to build brand and business, have no idea where to begin or what tools to use.Newly launched NM Incite Canada says it can offer these

Published on: September 20th, 2010 Joaquim P. Menezes

New NCR self-service kiosks slash healthcare wait times, cost

In many of Canada's larger hospitals, more than 1,000 patients visit the emergency department each day.Approximately 50 per cent of them are considered “low risk” -- not needing immediate attention from a physician.

Published on: September 16th, 2010 Joaquim P. Menezes

New 3D camcorders a ‘bonanza’ for independent producers, consumers

Panasonic Canada Inc. recently unveiled what it calls the "world's first integrated twin-lens 3D camera recorder."The Panasonic AG-3DA1 could have a dramatic impact on professional 3D video and film production in Canada, the

Published on: September 13th, 2010 Joaquim P. Menezes

Timely Tweet could help you recover lost airline luggage quickly

Visualize this: you're on a business trip and the airline loses your luggage. A not so uncommon occurrence!Only this time, as you queue up at the carrier's “lost baggage” counter waiting interminably for

Published on: September 9th, 2010 Joaquim P. Menezes

How to stop networking and start connecting

Only connect! ... Only connect the prose and the passion and both will be exalted, and human love will be seen at its height. Live in fragments no longer. -- E.M. Forster, Howards

Published on: September 3rd, 2010 Joaquim P. Menezes

GIS rollout an electrifying experience at Guelph Hydro

How does a major utility company maintain high safety levels, while disseminating crucial information to stakeholders automatically, accurately, and in real time?To some these may seem mutually exclusive goals, but not to Guelph

Published on: September 2nd, 2010 Joaquim P. Menezes

Contactless payments set to take off in Canada

Contactless payments are becoming increasingly popular in Canada, with larger stores adopting the new system at a rapid clip, and smaller merchants expected to jump on the bandwagon, a recent study reveals.By 2014,

Published on: August 25th, 2010 Joaquim P. Menezes

Samsung ultra-slim 3D TV impresses despite connectivity glitches

The UN55C9000 is the crème de la crème of Samsung's 3D LED TV models -- and that's reflected in its ultra-steep price tag. Samsung has packed an endless array of bells and whistles

Published on: August 23rd, 2010 Joaquim P. Menezes