Building a good relationship with your customers is just like building any other relationship in life. It’s all about trust.

But how do you build trust? Many companies turn to a content strategy to communicate with customers in a way that fosters trust, building it over time by connecting with people based on their values, and on a professional level by educating them on issues relevant to their work. As Neil Patel, the chief evangelist at KISSmetrics writes, how you develop that trust depends largely on the quality of content that you produce and your brand is associated with. But there is apparently one shortcut – you can use 11 words in your blog posts to make the reader trust you more.

  • Trust
  • Fair Price
  • Caring
  • Fair Treatment
  • Quality
  • Competency
  • Apologize/Sorry
  • Change
  • Never
  • Always
  • Privacy

These words were all tested in a study that asked real people to rate their trust of the author after reading differing versions of a blog post. When this vocabulary was added, trust scores went up.

Don’t just string together a bunch of these “trust” words in an incoherent sentence, of course, but sprinkle evenly throughout your blog post for best results. Another very effective technique is to include them in a short sentence at the end of your post.

Trust me.