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For a company that’s known for selling food in a box, Kraft has demonstrated some considerably out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to using social media to inform its marketing practices.

Kraft is a household brand name, perhaps helped in part by the digital ads it serves that drive 6.6 billion impressions daily. That’s right, the amount of people reading about what to mix into their macaroni and cheese or how to make a tasty dipping sauce for chicken fingers is almost equal to the population of the planet. On Forbes, author Avi Dan writes about how Kraft uses an agile marketing model to serve all of those ads as effectively as possible:

  • Kraft’s social learning lab, which even has a cool name “Looking Glass,” includes a six-screen workstation for a brand team can drill down into social mentions of Kraft. Since its used 100,000 times, there’s lots of context to try and understand there. A mobile version of Looking Glass has also been adapted for iPads and smartphones.
  • Parallux is Kraft’s proprietary data housing system and is used to build customer segments and target ads based on those. Its advanced analytics function means that these segments can be as detailed as remembering whether a particular customer buys bacon or not.
  • Kraft has two inputs to its content machine – user-generated content in the form of customer recipes (over 30,000 submitted to date) and a key partnership with media agency Starcom.