Video marketing platform Vidyard Inc. is making its videos more accessible to viewers and marketers by joining forces with ExactTarget Inc., an e-mail marketing platform.

Vidyard has built an app for ExactTarget, making it easy for marketers to embed visual links to video content within their e-mail missives. When viewers and potential customers open an email, the app shows exactly who watched the video content in the e-mail and when they stopped watching. That gives marketers a sense of when to follow up and what viewers were most interested in when they were engaging with the video content.

(Image: Vidyard and ExactTarget).
(Image: Vidyard and ExactTarget).

“Vidyard is connecting the dots between digital marketers, allowing them – whatever their discipline – to grow their business with video,” said Michael Litt, CEO and co-founder of Vidyard, in a statement. The startup is based in Kitchener, Ont.

“Using the Vidyard app, marketers leveraging ExactTarget can drag and drop a visually engaging link to video content right into their next email, plus eliminate stale or outdated content with the latest videos at their fingertips.”

The app is available in ExactTarget HubExchange, making it easier for marketers to access all of their videos and add images of the videos directly from the ExactTarget platform. The idea is that for potential customers, watching videos is more compelling than reading emails – and by seeing who watched what within emails, marketers are better equipped to see how their campaigns are performing.

By embedding video links into their emails through Vidyard and ExactTarget, they’ll be able to check their performance metrics in real time. They can also access the number of views and click through rates on their videos, as well as gauge their viewers’ attention spans and geographic locations. They can also insert calls to action within the videos to build up their leads, run contests, and show other content.

Vidyard also added an app to social media dashboard HootSuite Inc. in August. The startup was part of U.S.-based accelerator Y Combinator in 2011. It also landed $6 million in Series A financing in March.

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