Mobile campaign distribution for the layman

Today’s mobile phone marketplace is a myriad of devices and platforms – a dizzying maze of developer hurdles for marketers that want to execute a good campaign that gets onto the small screen.

Between iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, etc., developing a cross-platform campaign might seem almost impossible to any business that doesn’t have an army of developers at their disposal. That’s where Adenyo comes in. This company offers an easy-to-use platform to its clients that can be used by even non-technical users to put together a multimedia campaign that will be distributed to many mobile platforms.

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Recognizable clients of Adenyo include Air Canada, CBC, Coca-Cola, Kraft, McDonalds, and Rogers.

At Toronto’s nextmedia conference, CEO Tyler Nelson demos Adenyo’s platform and shows some finished examples.

Video by Danny Boudreau.

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