Startup matches great games with solid brands

Imagine that some of the original arcade games had associations with well-known brands.

What if pong had been boosted by Wimbledon, or Asteroids infused with a Star Wars theme? Maybe Pac-man could have been sponsored by Pepto Bismol and Centipede used as promotional material by the World Wildlife Fund.

Games of the past may not have needed name brand sponsorship to gain in popularity, but the gaming landscape has changed. When you can download hundreds of thousands of different games at the tap of a touchscreen, that’s a crowded environment. Many well-designed games may be lost in the deluge, never to gain the popularity they deserve.

That’s a problem XMG Studio Inc. wants to solve. This digital startup takes well-designed games and marries them with appropriate brand-name sponsors. The game designers benefit from increased exposure and recognition from mobile gamers, and the brand benefits from having a positive experience associated with it. It’s a win-win relationship (although some gamers may lose the actual game).

XMG Studio has helped publicize games such as Little Metal Ball, Style Shooter and Pandemica. In this video, Adam Telfer presents at nextmedia Toronto.

Video by Danny Boudreau.

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