Hexwave, the AI-powered weapon imaging and detection technology, is now set to come to Toronto Pearson International Airport for testing. With its deployment, Pearson airport will become the first airport to sign up for testing following the completion of a collaboration agreement between the Greater Toronto Airports Authority and Liberty Defense Holdings Ltd.

“It is not our intention to replace the existing security measures in airports, but to extend the security perimeter of aviation facilities by providing security between the curb and airport gate, which is a great example of how a layered defense approach can be implemented. Furthermore, Hexwave’s ability to operate in both indoor and outdoor environments further enables the security parameter be expanded, in combination with its modular and scalable design, which will help make transportation infrastructure, such as airports, safer,” said Liberty Defense’s chief executive officer, Bill Riker, in a press release.

Hexwave uses 3D radar imaging and artificial intelligence to detect and identify weapons; thus enabling security forces to detect threats from outside the property with no obstruction to the crows that exist in these busy locations.

Concept drawing provided by Liberty Defense.

Toronto Pearson International Airport is Canada’s largest airport and saw 49.5 million passengers come through its doors in 2018.

“The GTAA is committed to a proactive security philosophy that stays ahead of emerging threats across our aviation infrastructure to minimize risk for passengers, employees, and property.  We track emerging technologies with the goal of balancing our operational security needs with overall customer service to make moving through Toronto Pearson a positive experience,” said Dwayne Macintosh, the director of corporate safety and security for the GTAA, said in a press release.

Pearson will become the third location in Canada to sign up for the beta testing, including the previously reported Rogers Arena in Vancouver and Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

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