Hootsuite and Google have announced a partnership, making it easier for users of the social media management platform to manage ad campaigns across social media and now Google Search.

In a release on Tuesday, the Vancouver-based company announced the Google Ads integration for its platform as well as AdEspresso by Hootsuite, the digital ad company that works with small and medium-sized businesses, which Hootsuite acquired in 2017.

Through both platforms, businesses and users will be able to manage ad campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Google, with Hootsuite chief marketing officer Penny Wilson calling it an “easy-to-use solution” that brings together search and social advertising for the first time.

“Hootsuite’s ad products help customers manage their online advertisements, track spending, compare result across [the three platforms] and allocate budget to the best performing ads across networks,” stated the release.

This partnership with Google may be a no brainer for Hootsuite, since studies show, as ITBusiness.ca has previously reported, that social media and search are the number one and number two most important channels, respectively, for digital advertising. And respondents to the media research firm Neilsen shows that the majority of chief marketing officers plan to continue to increase spending on digital advertising above all others.

Hootsuite was also given an official Google Premier Partner Badge, which means that it is recognized as a leading company with higher Google Ads certification, spending and performance.

The Google Ads feature is already available to all Hootsuite Ads and AdEspresso by Hootsuite customers stated the release.

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