Canadians follow brands to receive content, so there’s an opportunity for marketers to connect if they deliver the right content, according to a new report from Yahoo Canada.

Yahoo Canada recently released its latest Talking Content study, which looks at the content and consumption habits and behaviours of Canadians, offering advice to marketers on how they should be positioning their branded content.

“We zeroed in on Canadians’ attitudes, behaviours and perceptions towards branded content across different categories and topics,” wrote Claude Galipeau, Yahoo’s country manager for Canada, in a blogpost. “Our findings can help brands target their campaigns in carefully nuanced ways to achieve maximum reach and impact.”

The study found that 54 per cent of Canadians follow brands to receive their content, so the opportunity is there for marketers if they can deliver the right content. A majority of users said the top factor in their decision to share content is if it can deliver emotion, while 47 per cent said they would share content that is creative.

Looking across categories, entertainment content was shared the most, followed by lifestyle, content and finance. Interests varied by gender – women preferred lifestyle, travel, entertainment, DIY/décor and beauty/style content, while men preferred travel, entertainment, technology, politics/world news and autos/cars content.

Canadians also said they were generally fine with sponsored content, as long as it’s interesting – particularly in the entertainment, beauty/style and travel categories.

Talking Content Infographic-page-001

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