If you’ve ever felt a victim of your own email inbox, watching helplessly as it spirals out of control and spammers heap on message after message, Google wants you to know that hope springs eternal in your quest for the zen of inbox zero.

A new feature released to Gmail’s web client yesterday allows users to block senders they find annoying. A simple click of a button and all emails from that sender will forever be banished to the spam folder. The feature will be coming to Android next week, writes Sri Harsha Somanchi, Google product manager, in a blog post.

Unblocking a user can be done by navigating to the settings menu.

The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation passed last year was intended to cut down on the amount of email Canadians receive without their consent. But a recent study from e-mail security provider CloudMark shows that while Canadian spammers are sending less spam to the U.S., Canadians are still receiving just as much spam as ever from south of the border. The new Gmail feature could help stem that cross-border spam spillover.

If it’s an old email list that you’ve tired of, try using the unsubscribe feature in Gmail. The button that offers one-click access to be removed from an email list is also making its way to Android’s Gmail app.


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