A new crowdsourcing feature in Google Maps means that many businesses will soon see information suggested by their customers showing up on their listing, according to the search giant.

Google Maps has become one more way for many local businesses to drive foot traffic, especially restaurants and cafes who often see smartphone-wielding patrons flow in the door after having searched for “restaurants near me” and followed the turn-by-turn navigation towards satisfying their appetite.

First off, if your business isn’t already listed on Google Maps, it’s likely to be added soon. A new ability for any user to add places and even suggest edits to their listings means that your customers will have the opportunity to create a listing for you. Google won’t just display any new listing that’s suggested by one random user, but if it’s confirmed by other users agreeing that its accurate, it could be added. This feature is available for both Android and iOS users.

Any Google Maps user can now add new places or make suggestions for edits.

If you haven’t already created your own business description and listing on Google Maps, now is the time to do so using Google My Business. By the same token, if you haven’t updated your listing in awhile or it might be out of date, get the new information posted now before your customers feel the need to do so on your behalf.

Another new feature will allow your customers to describe your business with more details. For example, a restaurant will be described as offering vegan options, beer, or a romantic atmosphere, among other traits. This feature is available for Android users only.

Android users can suggest more descriptive details too.

Business owners may feel more compelled to add a more descriptive listing to their Google Maps listing now, rather than wait on customers to suggest it for you.

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