Wind Mobile cuts down offerings to just two plans

Wind Mobile is replacing all wireless phone plans with just two plans that both include talk, text and data.

The new plans can be customized with new add-ons like the World Saver International Talk & Text add-on which the company introduced today.  

The new plans include:

  • The WIND 25 Plan unlimited local talk, unlimited text and 100 MB of data for $25/month
  • The WIND 40 Plan unlimited Canada-wide talk, unlimited text and unlimited data for $40/month

Wind is also updating its prepaid service, Pay Your Way with unlimited incoming calls.

“It’s a mobile world and we want to offer all Canadians the simplicity, transparency and flexibility to manage it,” said Anthony Lacavera, CEO of Wind Mobile. “These plans cater precisely to their needs without breaking the bank.”

Wind also introduced World Saver International Talk & Text add-on. It includes unlimited global text and up to 90 per cent off international calling rates for just $8/month. The World Saver add-on can be combined with any monthly plan and there is no need of use calling cards, special numbers or download an application.
Some of these rates include (full list of countries on

  • China for $0.01/min
  • Hong Kong for $0.02/min
  • India for $0.02/min
  • Pakistan for $0.03/min
  • South Korea for $0.03/min
  • Bangladesh for $0.04/min

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