Video Rewind: John Mayer’s augmented reality music video

Tetra Paks’ announcement yesterday that it would be using an augmented reality-enhanced Web game to transform its juice boxes into video game controllers isn’t the first time we’ve seen the experiential technology used to sell something.

Augmented reality (AR) has been popping up as an eye-catching marketing tool since 2009. Musician John Mayer used the method in 2009 to promote his latest album, allowing the user to hold up a logo-emblazoned sheet of paper to a Web cam, and then on screen be controlling a 3D room featuring Mayer walking around. As Mayer puts it, sometimes the content becomes secondary to the experience.

Mayer appears on stage at Adobe Max in this Oct. 8, 2009 video from’s vault.

John Mayer’s augmented reality music video.

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