Big data is a great opportunity for companies to leverage for business and marketing decisions, and mobile carriers are sitting on a gold mine of subscriber data, but leveraging that data has been a challenge. Nokia hopes to change that.

The Finnish telecommunications vendor used the Mobile World Conference in Spain on Sunday to add predictive marketing to its Customer Experience Management (CEM) offering. The goal is to give network operators a fuller picture of their mobile subscribers’ service experiences and a window into their likely future behaviour. The information can allow operators to automatically target each customer with the right personal message, increasing revenue and driving customer loyalty.

The challenge, according to Nokia, has been converting customer data from networks, devices and services into useful marketing insights and actions in an automated process. The Nokia solution captures the contextual customer data in close to real-time and segments and targets marketing messages dynamically.

“By combining the power of our existing CEM with information about how people are actually using their devices, operators can create totally personalized marketing campaigns in a fraction of the time and with a sixfold increase in typical uptake,” said Santeri Jussila, head of business product management, CEM & service assurance with Nokia Networks.

The new predictive marketing solution integrates two Nokia applications: CEM on Demand and Mobile Marketing Suite. CEM on Demand analyzes insights from the services, devices, network and care experience, while Mobile Marketing Suite collects data from customers’ devices, assuming customer consent has been given, to predict their buying behaviour and deliver personalized communications. Advanced algorithms predict customer behavior, and automated data processing replaces what was days of work.

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