Talking programmatic advertising with Ben Plomion, VP of marketing at Chango

    In his role as the lead marketer at this Toronto-based programmatic advertising firm, Ben Plomion has been a big believer on using content to educate the market about what Chango does and how it can help marketers achieve their goals. That marketing program led to the creation of a print magazine, and Chango also counts several major brands among its customers. Learn about Plomion’s approach to content marketing and how he’s catering to other marketers in this interview.

    In the video you’ll hear:

    • How Plomion made a thought leadership initiative his mandate after stepping into his role as head of marketing for Chango.
    • Why he decided to start a print magazine to help that initiative, and how many subscribers it’s grown to as of today.
    • A list of some of Chango’s clients and how they’re using programmatic advertising today.