CMO Digital: Canada’s most influential brands

    It’s time for CMO Digital episode #11 and Fawn and Jim are counting down Canada’s most influential brands for 2014, and looking at the social media success of Bell’s “Let’s Talk” campaign promoting awareness about mental health issues.

    The Institute of Communication Agencies and Ipsos Reid partner to unveil an annual list of Canada’s most influential brands during Advertising and Marketing Week in Toronto. Guess who dominates this year’s list? You might not have to do a web search to guess that Google is on top. In fact, the top five brands are all dominated by technology firms – can you guess what all five slots are? And don’t be fooled by last year’s list – things have moved around a bit. Jim and Fawn are also analyzing some of the brands that made big jumps up the list of influencers, even if they haven’t cracked the top 10 yet.

    We’re also talking about… Let’s Talk, the Bell Canada campaign focused on spreading awareness about mental health issues. Not only has Bell succeeded in raising $65.5 million for charity, it’s also created one of the most-talked about marketing campaigns in the country. Jim and Fawn are looking at that success.

    Of course, we have our weekly shoutout too. Franz Fontaine, the vice-president of strategic development at Seevibes, is opening a new office in Toronto for this social media analysis company. Seevibes is also pushing its new product that delivers ads contextually on Twitter, based on what TV shows people are talking about and what brands they’re engaged with.