Act-On Software has hitched its wagon to Microsoft Corp.’s horses.

With its latest release, the Portland, Ore.-based marketing automation software developer is betting that enterprise users of the latter’s Dynamics CRM, Power BI, and Microsoft Outlook Hosted on Azure solutions stand to benefit most from the former’s data-driven approach to customer engagement.

In an Oct. 11 statement, Act-On CEO Andy MacMillan said the new release was part of Act-On’s ongoing commitment to the Microsoft ecosystem.

“When Act-On is integrated with Dynamics CRM, the benefit becomes greater than the sum of its parts,” he said. “We see the future of marketing and sales engagement fueled by these two technologies – empowering companies to market better, sell smarter, and service faster across the customer lifecycle.”

Act-On’s decision to focus on supporting Microsoft’s enterprise platforms wasn’t made in a vacuum: The company presently has 500 joint Act-On and Dynamics CRM customers, including Denver, Colo.-based IT solutions provider Global Technology Resources, Inc. (GTRI); Seattle-based product and electronic components manufacturer GM Nameplate; Phoenix, Ariz.-based cloud and IT services provider Trapp Technology; and Almira, Ont.-based HR consulting and employer services firm Xenium IT Corp., the company said.

Act-On’s primary software offering allows marketers to run several types of programs, including inbound, outbound, account-based, and social; and by integrating the program with Dynamics CRM, users can dive deeper into campaign performance by reporting on statistics such as funnel velocity and revenue attribution.

Among the applications Act-On has tailor made for Microsoft enterprise solutions:

  • A prebuilt, native integration that enables closed-loop, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and reporting, allowing users to keep track of customer engagement across multiple channels, and sales representatives to personalize and prioritize outreach efforts based on behaviours and interests;
  • An Act-On Data Studio and Power BI integration that allows users to convert sales and marketing data into visually appealing, real-time, actionable insights;
  • An Act-On Anywhere integration with Microsoft Outlook that helps sales representatives and support staff optimize their interactions with customers, by giving them the ability to access Act-On email templates within the mail app and receive alerts when a prospect or customer interacts with the company’s email.

You can learn more about integrating Act-On with Microsoft’s enterprise platform’s here.

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