Conference season is wrapping up ahead of the holidays, but if you gave a talk and have any presentation slide decks handy, you may want to check out this tool.

In October, Kitchener, Ont.-based startup Vidyard launched Studio, an add-on to its video marketing platform. The feature allows sales and marketing folk to take their run-of-the-mill slide decks and turn them into videos – and it can help speakers take the material from their conference keynotes and make them available to people who missed their talks, with some voice-over for extra effect.

The tool allows users to add voice recordings to their slides as viewers go through them, and this could make all the difference in transforming a boring PowerPoint presentation into something a bit more interactive.

Once users create a video, they can share it with either customers or their fellow employees, as Vidyard Studio stores a recording in the company’s cloud. That can be handy for a sales pitch or product demo, or as a potential training video, without having to spend time shooting and editing. Nor does the user need to be particularly video-savvy – to use Vidyard Studio, a user just needs to know how to hit ‘record.’

What’s also useful is the ability to track viewer activity on a video, with analytics showing users who their viewers are, how long their viewers watched the video, or when their viewers decided to stop the video and move onto something else. And if users are on, they can even get contact information for the prospects who watched the video, as well as contact details like email addresses.

Given how marketers and speakers are always searching for ways to recycle their hard-earned content, Vidyard’s Studio tool could be a useful method of keeping content fresh. And if it helps marketers find new leads, that’s even better.

To access Vidyard Studio, users have to be existing customers, and they need to pay another fee to access the feature. Pricing for Vidyard’s marketing platform starts at around $1,000 a month.

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