Every Follow Friday, we round up a list of people with active Twitter accounts, ones that we feel are worth a click on the ‘follow’ button.

For this edition of Follow Friday, we’re focusing on some of the digital marketers we’ve met in the last little while. While they work in different types of marketing, they’re all focused on helping others present their content in more effective ways.


Ivan Tsarynny, CEO of PostBeyond.

As the head of PostBeyond, a Toronto-based startup that helps large companies distribute content to their employees to share on social media, Tsarynny regularly tweets about both marketing and entrepreneurship. He also shares links to helpful posts on content marketing, responsive marketing, and sales. Check out our story on PostBeyond here.


Drew Banks, head of international at Prezi
Based out of San Francisco, but currently living in Hungary, Banks recently finished travelling through several countries, including Canada, to promote Prezi. The company creates tools allowing users to build more visually appealing presentations, and they’re beloved of speakers giving TED talks, as well as anyone who wants to share their presentation content in an interesting way. Banks usually tweets about social media, marketing efforts around Prezi, and current events. Also, head on over here to read our story on Prezi’s expansion in Canada.


Dev Basu, founder and CEO of Powered by Search.

Basu is currently wearing a couple of hats – not only is he busy heading up his digital marketing agency’s work, but he’s also organizing a conference called Inbound Con. With the conference slated to happen this September, Basu is hoping to give marketers more “actionable tips” on how to do effective inbound marketing through search engine optimization (SEO) and creating compelling content. After all, good SEO practices help users reach sites with better content, so it all fits together. Check out our Q and A with Basu here.

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