Adobe unveiled its newest feature for the Adobe Experience Cloud called Experience Manager as a Cloud Service, a service that the company says will deliver, among other things, “SaaS-like agility”.

The Adobe Experience Cloud brings together insights on user experience trends and provides a centralized asset hub for marketers to customize their content based on customer’s demands. The Experience Manager provides tools for content management, channel-agnostic content development, and cross-channel posting.

“Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service supercharges organizations’ abilities to create, manage and deliver more campaigns, digital assets and experiences faster than ever before,” said Loni Stark, the senior director of strategy and product marketing at Adobe in a press release.

Additionally, the cloud offering will allow users to create and manage campaigns and digital assets faster.

“It creates a compelling offer for mid-size companies and enterprises that are increasingly transforming to adopt advanced digital tools but need more simplicity and flexibility to support their changing business models,” she noted.

Steve Schultz, the head of marketing technology at Esri, discussed the company’s experience getting to use the solution ahead of its launch.

“Becoming an early adopter of Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service was incredibly attractive to us,” said Schultz. “Instead of dealing with large-scale deployments of software updates to our site, Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service is constantly updating. We think this process of continuous integration offers huge benefits as the risk of errors occurring during deployments is far reduced.”

Other updates

Along with the announcement of Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service, Adobe took the opportunity to announce a couple of other updates to its existing solutions.

The Magento 2.3.4 release came equipped with new capabilities such as integration with Adobe Stock and dotdigital’s Engagement Cloud live web-chat functionality.

Adobe Target was updated with a new “Recommended For You” algorithm that can be applied to merchants’ stores to provide their customers with a highly-personalized experience.

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