SoftwareReviews – a division of Info-Tech Research Group – unveiled its top three human capital management solutions (HCM) based on customer reviews as part of its 2020 Human Capital Management (HCM) Software Data Quadrant Awards.

The top three ranked software in order were UltiPro by Ultimate Software, Ceridian Dayforce, and Workday HCM.

“The best relationship-builders in HCM software excel in their abilities to provide the right combination of aligning value to needs, offering functions that extend beyond the basic level, and resolving issues through good client support,” said Tracy-Lynn Reid, the director of research for people and leadership at Info-Tech, in a press release.

According to the press release, UltiPro shone best in vendor capabilities and product features in 13 areas (including its payroll admin feature), Ceridian Dayforce earned top product in 6 areas (like breadth of features and employee record capabilities), and Workday HCM performed above average in all areas while earning runner-up to top product in its vendor support, compensation management, and time and attendance capabilities and features.

The scores were determined through user review surveys that quantified two elements: the customer experience (CX) score and the net emotional footprint score.

The CX score is based on the user’s experience using the software, the emotional footprint survey asks users about things like customer support satisfaction, vendor relationships, and other similar factors.

While the average score for the net emotional footprint across the industry was +72, UltiPro scored +86, Ceridian Dayforce scored +85, and Workday HCM scored +79.

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