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EMI Music Canada puts lockdown on downloads

EMI Music Canada is one step closer to preventing listeners from hearing its recordings any sooner than intended through security technology from Musicrypt Inc.Toronto-based Musicrypt’s Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) currently allows partnered

Published on: October 21st, 2003 Liz Clayton

Edmonton jail swaps push-button lock for touch screens

Canada's prison system is undergoing an IT upgrade whereby certain institutions are replacing push-button locking systems with touch-screen technology to improve security. The most recent addition is the Edmonton Institution , a maximum

Published on: October 20th, 2003 Neil Sutton

Heeding the warning

If security is such a big issue, then why do organizations continue to treat it like an afterthought?Joe Seanor, a senior consultant with Avaya's Enterprise Security Group warns that while the topic of

Published on: October 2nd, 2003 Martin Slofstra

Is it time your security cop was certified?

CAs, CGMAs and MBAs. We all know who they are. But what's a CISSP? If you do not know, that may soon change. The reason is the events of Sept. 11 2001 combined

Published on: October 2nd, 2003 Erik Heinrich

Symantec: C-level execs still don’t get the message

Internet security threats are on the rise but fail to be a top priority with the people who provide the money and resources to the experts fighting the war against hackers and viruses,

Published on: October 1st, 2003 Jennifer Brown

Q9 adds global redundancy service in wake of blackout

Q9 Networks Inc. is preparing for a crisis more crippling than a city-wide blackout.The hosting company relied on its diesel generators to supply its Toronto data centre power during the Aug. 14 blackout

Published on: September 30th, 2003 Neil Sutton

CCRA loses data on 120,000 Canadians in server theft

Canadian security experts lambasted the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency Tuesday over the lack of encryption to protect the personal data of more than 120,000 individuals that was lost when one of its

Published on: September 30th, 2003 Shane Schick

Researcher gets a chokehold on security

Most technology companies like to say they work on solutions. Matthew Williamson prefers to think of it as creating ""positive dilemmas.""That, according to the senior research scientist with HP Labs in Bristol, U.K.,

Published on: September 29th, 2003 Shane Schick

Toronto Police inks electronic fingerprint deal

Toronto Police Services is about to join a growing number of Canadian law enforcement agencies moving from ink to digital fingerprints. Motorola said it would be providing a upgrade of the Omnitrak Automated

Published on: September 25th, 2003 Shane Schick

Virus victims weigh cyber-insurance option

In the wake of costly, virulent viruses such as the recent Blaster Worm, there is one word that is probably top of mind for businesses across the globe: cyber-insurance.Accordingly, an increasing number of

Published on: September 22nd, 2003 Scott Foster

Software updates expose users to privacy risks

SYDNEY, Australia -- Canada and more than 20 other countries have issued a warning to computer users that software companies could be surreptitiously stealing personal data as they provide updates to their products

Published on: September 18th, 2003 Lindsey Arkley

CCRA eyes scanning technology for customs clearance

The Canada Customs and Revenue Agency’s much-discussed CANPASS program, which allows low-risk travellers to get through customs quickly, was recently rolled out at Vancouver International Airport."It allows people who are frequent travellers who

Published on: September 16th, 2003 Kathleen Sibley

Bomb scare shuts down OracleWorld 2003

SAN FRANCISCO -- Life at OracleWorld returned to normal Thursday following a Wednesday afternoon bomb scare that shut down the conference for several hours.Conference delegates were well into the third day of the

Published on: September 11th, 2003 Shane Schick

U.S. security firm buys Chrysalis for $20M

Ottawa security hardware firm Chrysalis-ITS was purchased this week by American security provider Rainbow Technologies for US$20 million in cash.The deal was first announced mid-August and was closed in a matter of weeks

Published on: September 10th, 2003 Neil Sutton

Intrusion detection systems not always worth the cost, according to report

While intrusion detection systems have seemed like plenty of security in the past to some network managers, a recent Gartner Inc. report suggests intrusion detection systems are on their way to becoming obsolete.

Published on: September 9th, 2003 Chris Talbot