It’s that time of the year when students begin their academic activities. When we talk about school, we cannot ignore school supplies and technology. Staples conducted a detailed survey on back to school supplies in order to serve their customers better with the right kind of stationary. This survey provides some interesting data about technology trends.

One of the questions gauged what influenced buyer’s decision to make a purchase from a particular store. The answers indicate that people are influenced to shop at places that offer the latest technology resources.  Having informative online resources to make better buying decisions is another factor which makes buyers choose a certain store over another. An important note to make here is that 44 per cent of people wish that there were better online resources available to help them.

When asked do parents prefer shopping for back to school supplies with their children? 62% of the participants were in agreement.  That points out to the fact that technology should be convincing not only to the parents who primarily make the buying decision but should also appeal to the kids.

When I was buying basic school supplies like a laptop and a phone, I chose low priced products that were high on configuration. I did not bother much about the brand. Price was the main concern. Most students who are on their own face budget constraints and so supplies need to be priced keeping that in mind.