Kytetime gives parents access control over teens’ smartphone

Guest post from Angela Serednicki A recent study from Harvard University has found that 78 per cent of all American teenagers now own smartphones, and one in four of them use it as

Published on: May 2nd, 2013 Lauren Clegg

Tech startups help parents teach kids, award gold stars

Ottawa resident and PhD holder in optics and photonics Dan Yang decided to leave her career in networking technology to invent a toddler-friendly tablet because she was concerned for her own baby’s safety.It’s

Published on: August 25th, 2011 Brian Jackson

Child-proof your home office PC

Having kids is a blessing. But having kids mess with your PC can be, well, a curse. If they're little, you've got to worry about things like Playdough in the DVD drive, spilled

Published on: February 17th, 2010 Bill Snyder