Web development platform Wix.com Inc. is teaming up with Facebook Inc. to make it easier for Wix users to create Facebook ads directly from the Facebook platform.

In addition to offering template web sign creation services to businesses, Wix also includes services such as e-commerce integration, email marketing and a newsletter and promotional service called Wix ShoutOut. The service allows users to create, send and share newsletters using templates with their own text, images and video, or content from a few media libraries.

According to the company, since ShoutOut launched one year ago, a traffic analysis showed the highest engagement from Wix-created newsletters came from social media shares. That led to the integration with Facebook Ads, which will allow users to launch Facebook campaigns directly from the Wix platform.

“The WixShoutOut integration with Facebook’s advertising platform and its unparalleled reach, provides our users an effective cross-channel marketing tool and a simplified gateway into a massive new audience,” said Wix CMO Omer Shai, in a statement. “Millions of people are using Wix ShoutOut to create and share beautiful content. Now they’ll have the option to make their valuable content work for them multiple times and promote their business even further.”

The integration allows for the automatic creation of Facebook Page-post ads based on their newsletter content in ShoutOut, with Facebook’s Lookalike targeting selecting the target audience automatically based on the audience that has already liked their Facebook page. The ad can then be customized, the audience tweaked and the budget set from within the ShoutOut dashboard. Once launched, the campaign can be monitored and managed through Facebook.

“Wix and Facebook are both seeking to make marketing simpler and more efficient for global businesses of all sizes,” said Steve Irvine, global head of the Facebook marketing partner program, in a statement.  “Our partnership will allow Wix ShoutOut users to extend the reach of their email marketing campaigns to Facebook in just a few clicks, getting their content in front of the people who matter most to their businesses.”


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