Video Rewind: Hands-on review of Kobo e-reader

The e-reader industry has become a competitive one over the past two years, with many publishers offering hardware to the market.

Amazon innovated the space with its Kindle, and Sony quickly followed with its own series of e-readers. There’s also the Nook, and Toronto-based Kobo Inc.’s e-reader. Kobo spun off from Indigo and now is selling its hardware internationally, as well as pushing out e-books via its online store accessible on myriad platforms.

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But Kobo’s U.S.-based distributor ran into trouble last week, with Borders Inc. declaring chapter 11 bankruptcy. Look for a story tomorrow on how Kobo will be affected by the announcement on

For now, here’s a video review of the Kobo e-reader from April 27, 2010.

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