Video Rewind: Digital signage metrics firm bought by Intel

Toronto-based start-up and digital signage metrics company Cognovision was acquired by Intel yesterday.

In an act of seeming techno-wizardy, the firm uses cameras to track the faces of people looking at digital signage. The company can tell an advertiser how many people looked at their display, how long they engaged for, the number of people who just walked by, and whether your audience is mostly male or female, mostly young or old. It sounds like something out of Minority Report, but Cognovision also does it in a way that protects user privacy. Check out our story from last year when the firm scooped top spot at the Canadian Innovation Exchange awards.

In this video courtesy of our sister-publication CDN, Haroon Mirza of Cognovision talks about the importance of metrics when it comes to digital signage.

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