Five days have passed since the conclusion to one of the most dramatic Super Bowl clashes in history.

It’s been called the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Tom Brady and his New England Patriots overcame a 25-point deficit against the Atlanta Falcons mid-way through the 3rd quarter in Super Bowl 51 to win it overtime.

And, social media reflected pretty much the action on the field. According to Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Big Game Social Tracker five-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady was the most mentioned on social media sites followed closely by “Patriots”.

New England QB Tom Brady

1. “Brady” and “Patriots” were first and second respectively as the most mentioned words during Super Bowl 51. But do you want to know what word or words did not crack the Top 10? “Atlanta Falcons”! That’s right the opposing team did not get much of a sniff on social media; it was like they didn’t matter.

2. Three of the top 10 mentioned hashtags were #Patriots, #GoPatriots and #GoPats.

3. Conversations around the actual game were 60 per cent male and 40 per cent female.

4. But when it came to the Super Bowl commercials the demographic flipped considerably. Super Bowl 51’s ad buzz was 38 per cent male and 62 per cent female.

5. Biggest Super Bowl 51 surprise from a social media standpoint? Avocados from Mexico stole the social media spotlight. This commercial spot generated a ton of conversation around social media circles. It was followed by commercials from Budweiser, Mr. Clean, Audi and Intel.

According to, the Marketing Cloud’s Big Game Social Tracker is a real-time Super Bowl command centre for tracking top conversations, trending topics, hashtags and more. The data is pulled from Salesforce Social Studio, part of the Marketing Cloud, which analyzes hundreds of millions of data sources from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, news sites and beyond.

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