Square Inc., the POS company co-founded by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, launched its new loyalty program to Canadian businesses today.

The tool, dubbed Square Loyalty, allows business owners to customize loyalty programs for their customers; ranging from simple points-earning systems to more complicated tier-structured loyalty programs.

“Canadian customers love loyalty programs, and in today’s competitive marketplace, Canadian businesses need an accessible and comprehensive tool that helps increase repeat visits to their business,” said Alyssa Henry, seller lead at Square, in a press release. “We are thrilled to make Square Loyalty available to our Canadian sellers as we know customers enrolled in Square Loyalty return and spend on average two times more than other customers.”

One business owner, William Kim, the owner of Veroni & Co., said he had attempted to create loyalty programs before but found it to be time-consuming and difficult.

“We’ve tried stamp cards and using gift cards in creative ways. We were also trying to keep track of who has rewards and what was redeemed,” said Kim in a press release. “Having a complete loyalty feature within Square Point of Sale streamlines the whole experience for both our customers and us. It is now a lot easier to give back to our customers that always support us.”

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