Scan receipts on the go with FineScanner app

Keeping track of receipts while you’re on a business trip can be a hassle. Those little pieces of carbon paper seem to disappear into your wallet or go missing in your luggage before you ever get the chance to claim them with accounting.

There’s a better way to track travel expenses now thanks to the smartphones many of us tend to tote these days. Using the device’s camera and the right app loaded on the phone, we can create a virtual copy of those receipts right after we get them, and before they go missing. AABBYY FineScanner is one such app for iOS that allows you to scan receipts, store them to your Dropbox account, and transfer the data to the finance software your business uses.

AABBYY’s FineScanner creates documents out of smartphone photos.

FineScanner allows you to snap a picture of a receipt laid out on a table, or clutched in your hand, then crop the image and orient it so it looks like a standard document. You can save to either JPEG image, or created a multi-page PDF document. The app has its own searchable, file storage system and can send documents to e-mail, Evernote, Google Drive, or Facebook.

This app costs $2.99. There are alternatives available on both iOS and Android platforms worth checking out such as TurboScan, CamScanner, or ScannerPro.

Source | iTunes

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