Paul Singh of 500 Startups coming to Toronto

A prominent U.S.-based investor that wants to apply the Moneyball approach to funding startups is visiting Toronto on Sept. 10 to meet with select Ontario firms.

Paul Singh is a partner in 500 Startups, a San Francisco-based technology accelerator known for investing in early stage tech firms. The accelerator program provides startups with up to $250,000 in funding and connects entrepreneurs to a network of mentors and gives them opportunities to pitch their product or service at a series of events. Singh has previously been a startup founder himself, in addition to experience working with AOL and Symantec Corp.

Paul Singh is a mentor at 500 Startups.

The accelerator does fund some Canadian firms already, showing Singh’s not shy about spreading money north of the 49th parallel. Counted among the firms involved with the program are Cadee, an online social network aimed at helping golfers improve their game; High Score House, which gives parents a way to incent their kids to do chores; and Social Stork, a service for parents to publish baby photos with archiving and privacy controls.

Startups interested in meeting with Singh should contact Cdling, the event host, well ahead of Sept. 7, when they will be presenting Singh with a report, and he’ll choose who to meet with on Sept. 10.    

Source | Cdling

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