A new fitness tracker called Naked is taking a different approach than most others on the market.

Instead of a wearable device that tracks steps or calories, Naked is a rotating scale and smart mirror that syncs with an app to display user data. It uses similar technology to that in the Xbox Kinect, but does not store any images of the person using it.

“With the benefit of all this tracking technology, people now have a pretty good sense of what they are doing to their bodies, but we have far less insight into how these choices affect the body,” says Farhad Farahbakhshian, CEO of Naked Labs. “Naked helps you see the full picture of how your body is changing, ideally helping you stay motivated to achieve your goals.”

The sensors inside the mirror continuously stitch together images to create a 3D body model that is then displayed on the app. Users can view their 3D avatar and access precise measurements of their body.

“Tracking changes in your body allows people to see that their hard work does pay off,” says Farahbakhshian. “Hopefully this will give them the necessary motivation to stick with their diet and exercise regimen.”

This product was designed with athletes in mind, and can actually be used as a form of injury prevention or recovery. Farahbakhshian says that Naked’s symmetry view tracks muscular and postural imbalances, and will warn users if a particular asymmetry puts them at risk for injury.

Naked is currently available to pre-order for $599. The product is set to ship in March 2017, after which point it will become available in select retail locations.

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