With the long weekend upon us, the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police has teamed up with Lyft Inc. to encourage sober driving.

Starting on May 13, uniformed officers in Toronto and Ottawa will be offering $5 Lyft coupons to any sober drivers that pass through roadside spot checks (RIDE).

In an email interview with IT World Canada, Joe Couto, the director of government relations and communications for the OACP, said that this was an idea brought to them by Lyft and one that the OACP was very excited to be a part of.

“Every year, we launch our annual Drive Safe R.I.D.E. campaign ahead of the Victoria Day long weekend, targeting impaired drivers and dangerous driving. This year, we’re excited to partner with Lyft on an innovative initiative designed to reward safe drivers with Lyft credits. Our goal is to encourage Ontario residents to plan ahead and make the smart transportation choice, every time,” said Couto. ” Lyft approached us as they knew about our annual Drive Safe R.I.D.E program. Since Lyft is committed to offering a responsible ride option, the partnership was a natural fit.”

When asked why Lyft was encouraged to bring this to the OACP, Aaron Zifkin, the managing director of Lyft Canada, said that this is a continuation of Lyft’s efforts to encourage sober driving, which in the past included partnering with Tokyo Smoke (a “pot cafe” in Toronto) to encourage those who were smoking marijuana to use Lyft for their transportation needs, instead of driving themselves.

“It was a natural fit. Partnering with the OACP allows us to work on an innovative initiative to reward responsible drivers,” said Zifkin. “At Lyft, safety is our top priority. Teaming up with the OACP provides an opportunity to reward safe and responsible drivers with Lyft credits for their next reliable ride.”

While it is currently a pilot project, both parties involved hope it can become a more permanent initiative.

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