Microsoft is taking advantage of its $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn. The tech giant has announced that it is now integrating LinkedIn capabilities in Microsoft Word for a new service called Resumé Assistant.

At its core, Resumé Assistant automatically pulls results from LinkedIn in order to help users build their resumé on Word. After selecting a job title and industry, Resumé Assistant taps into its 467 million user accounts on the social media platform to provide examples of how other professionals in that role have described that position.

The same concept is applied to skills. LinkedIn provides users with examples of the skills other successful professionals in that role and industry have. This can help users building their resumé by finding the best way to describe their set of skills and qualifications.

Once a user has finished building their resumé, Resumé Assistant will then provide relevant job openings that can immediately be applied to. On Resumé Assistant, users also can turn on Open Candidates, a LinkedIn feature that quietly signals to recruiters that you’re open to new opportunities.

Resumé Assistant is currently available for Microsoft Insiders on Windows and will be generally available to all Office 365 subscribers in the coming months.

And this isn’t the only new tool LinkedIn has had in the works. Throughout 2017, it has announced a new native advertising network, a tool to make hiring many people at once easier, and a new Tinder-like service to connect professionals with mentors.

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